Welcome to the business and personal website of me, Jan Burch - aka Jan4insight - owner & practitioner of Geo-Glow Consulting. Call me a “Renaissance woman” > My business aims to be your go-to source for holistic energy work and intuitive readings. My creative side makes (and sells!) gorgeous one-of-a-kind handcrafts and fabulously colorful print-on-demand gifts and more. Here at my site, you can find me on the Web, order a reading, learn more about my energy work services, and check in with my occasional musings. Legal stuff: This site uses cookies, and some posts may contain affiliate links. Thank you very much.

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You've read my Intuitive Forecasts, in which I interpret the "psychic energy weather" that affects us all. Wouldn't you like to have a personalized forecast done just for you? Now you can order your personal forecast, right from this page, at my best price for online readings! 

"I have admired and learned from Jan's readings. She always speaks straight from the heart."
-Polly G., Silver City NM

As a professional intuitive, and Feng Shui consultant, I have given readings for a multitude of  clients since 1997. My readings uniquely blend the original Star+Gate card deck along with my 20+ years experience as a pendulum dowser. I'm currently offering readings at two levels:

Your Next 30 Days ~ Special Price: $25.00

This 3-5 card reading will tell you what energies are influencing you at this time and what is coming up in the next 30 days. I will give suggestions for bringing new energies into your life that will help to resolve your challenging situation. Questions frequently address such issues as life, work, relationships, personal growth, and spirituality, and I specialize in relocation questions. You'll receive your report for this reading within 2 business days.

Your Year Ahead ~ Special Price: $55.00

This 10 card reading will interpret the energies have influenced you over past year; where you are now; and how the coming year will unfold. I will give suggestions for bringing new energies into your life that will help to resolve your challenges. What a great way to mark your birthday, anniversary, or any annual milestone! Reports for this reading are emailed to you within 5 business days.

Order Your Reading via PayPal:

It's easy - just use the PayPal form below to select your 30-day or Year-Ahead Reading. Enter your question and background info. You have 200 characters for each text field, so write like you're on Twitter! Here are some tips for filling out these fields:

Your question. You may request a general reading, or you can be more specific. Examples: Is this the right time to change jobs? Should I relocate to ___? What's going on in my relationship with ___?

Additional information. This is optional, and the more background information you can give, the more accurate your reading will be. I use this to tune into the energies that give me an answer for you, and I keep all of your personal information strictly confidential. For example,  its helps if I know:

  • Your first and last name. If you have a "go by" name, please give that also.
  • Your birth date (month, day, year) and place of birth.
  • Where you currently live.
  • Anything else you feel is pertinent, such as occupation or relationship status.

When you have finished with the text fields, please click the Buy Now button to go to PayPal and complete your payment. If you have questions about my readings and how to order, write to burchjan@gmail.com.

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You'll get an emailed confirmation from me when I receive your payment. Your report will be sent within 2 -5 business days to the email on your PayPal record. There will be no attachments or downloads. I will answer one brief follow-up question if you ask back within 5 business days. *Your information including e-mail address is kept strictly confidential*

Fine Print: I do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat, predict, or cure any condition. Anything stated in any reading or consultation is suggestive only, and no information, suggestions, or statements are intended in any way to substitute for proper medical care or legal advice. *I do not answer questions related to lotteries, gambling, stock market, etc. *

More Testimonials:

The best reading I've ever had. Great detail and insightful! Great customer service and highly recommended! I just can't thank you enough! 
~ cl, online client

Really great reading - very clear and insightful, worth every penny. Seller herself is a lovely woman, so nice to work with. Thank you Jan!
~ mir, online client

Thank you so much Jan for your energy and warmth. This reading was honest and uplifting and helps me to know that i am on my chosen path and everything Can, Shall and will come together. I'm stronger and moving forward. I appreciate you and thank you for sharing your gifts :) Peace and infinite blessings to you/yours.
~ briq, online client


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