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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Heart of Love & Compassion: Pre-Reveal & getting back on track!

Pre-Reveal! Here's a preview of the art canvas that's my current work-in-progress, called The Heart of Love and Compassion.

"The Heart of Love and Compassion"
Detail, work in progress by Jan Burch
Actually, that's just a corner of what will be the final product in the first round of my Patreon products, focusing on the colors of the Heart Chakra - green and pink - and the qualities of Love & Compassion.

The finished work will be a 10" x 10" stretched canvas featuring a bold, graphic heart embellished with pink and green colors, faux gems and acrylic applique, and plenty of sparkle. It's nearly done; I just have to figure out how much more sparkle to add! Because sparkle is good :)

My Patrons will be the first to know when this gorgeous art piece becomes available in my Zibbet shop. It shouldn't be too much longer - hopefully by the end of the coming week!

Then I'll move on to my second round of Patreon products. Round 2 will focus on the colors turquoise blue and purple, which represent the qualities of Protection and Wisdom. I'll be making a jewelry set for this round, along with the shawl and art canvas. Preview photos coming in a week or so!

> If you're not a Patron yet, please consider joining us, so you can follow the progress and get notified for the advance releases! Your pledge of $3, $5, or $10 a month (or more) helps me & LuvLee the cat stay secure in our home - and that is so appreciated!
Be a Patron of the Arts - without an oligarch’s bank account! Visit https://www.patreon.com/Jan4insight for info on how you can support my project to create colorful healing through Art and Craft! Your patronage ensures long-term housing support for me & the feline ♥
And ... here's the Update: My original page description said I was going to be making the rounds of products on a monthly basis. Wellllll....... life doesn't work that way, and the first month has turned into two. So now I'll just using the term "rounds" and working the products as they will. Some rounds might be completed in two weeks, who knows? Anyway, that's just for clarity, because some of my previous posts refer to "Month 1." If I was to do it over, I'd call it "Round 1" but I'm just moving on from here with Round 2, okay? ;)

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