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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Why am I crocheting while the world burns???

I ask myself that a lot, usually in terms that aren't too kind to myself ... So, Jan, why are you wasting time with your crochet hook when all this horrible stuff is happening ... don't you care .... and more voices from the Itty Bitty Committee in the head that make you feel real Shitty. But I have an answer, and I think it's more than just self-serving, so I went ahead and wrote a post on it (originally posted on my Patreon page). Here it is:

A little bit of crochet humor. And btw, it's CROCHET, not knitting! ;)
I ask myself that a lot - especially now that I'm asking people for money (which is hard to do anyway!) while a lunatic occupies the White House, our neighbors are being rounded up and deported, and everything good and decent we've established in the last 75 years is being dismantled.

While all that horror is going on, and I'm sitting here, deciding on background colors for a canvas, or planning out stripe patterns for a shawl. And I'm asking people for money to support me while I do this!? Yes, it feels weird - but it's where life has brought me after many twists and side journeys. So I want to share what I see that goes beyond pretty colors and comfy wraps:

I've heard it said that when the times are ugly, creating things of beauty is a true form of protest. In my lifetime, I have never seen times as ugly as these. At the political sites where I network obsessively, we find that we must hold the space for the antidotes to the ugliness: laughter, good news, humor - and beauty. There's really more goodness in the world than we know.

This is what I do - I make beautiful things that make people happy. And for this Patreon project, I envision going beyond the prettiness to evoke specific qualities that are so needed in the world right now: qualities such as Love and Compassion, Protection and Wisdom, Growth and Vitality ... and more.

Love/Compassion is the theme for the creations I'm working on this month - and doesn't the country need a lot more love and compassion! I'll be taking pictures of my assemblage of materials, so I can show you the heartfelt colors I'm selecting (heads up for a future post, lol). If even one of my creations can spread more love and compassion and beauty in the world, then I have done something to hold back the tide of ugliness.

The following quote is a little long, but it sums up my thought so well I'll close by posting all of it. Attributed to Edward Everett Hale:

"I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything; but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do."

My "something" is making beautiful things that make people happy. And I do it (in part) out of protest against these ugly times.
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