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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Getting close to the first reveal! the Shawl of Love & Compassion

I have been working away at the first products for my Patreon project! This month the theme is "love and compassion" and the colors are pink and green - the colors of the Heart chakra  (originally posted on my Patreon page) ~

With the shawl (shown above) nearly completed - it just needs some finishing work - I wanted some pre-reveal photos to give you a little taste and whet your appetite. Thanks to the old apple tree in my backyard, I even had some new leaves and dainty blossoms for the perfect backdrop. Btw, the fine, cotton-blend yarn makes this shawl feel soft, warm,  light,  and luscious ....
Want to see more? If all goes well, I should have the shawl finished and ready to reveal in a few days. But at that point ... only Patrons will get to see it in real time! The reveal will be my first Patron-only post, and it will make the shawl available for a Patron to purchase (if they want) at least 24 hours before it's announced to the general public.
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