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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

First Month at Patreon - In Progress: the colors of Love and Compassion!

I have started on my first month of "making" under my Patreon project banner - creating colorful healing through Art and Craft. For this first month I have chosen Love and Compassion as my theme qualities, and the colors are just too beautiful to keep to myself! Take a look (originally posted on my Patreon page) ~

For this month of Love and Compassion, I am zeroing in on the Heart Chakra colors - pink and green. The yarn tangle on the left side of the picture is the shawlette I'm making, and let me tell you, the soft and lightweight yarn I'm using just feels wonderful when you run your hand over the crocheted fabric!
Also in the picture are some of the collage elements that will go on the canvas to depict the Heart of Love and Compassion. Again, the light, refreshing pinks and greens - and some sunshiney yellows, because they just want to be there, I guess :)
Such beautiful colors - how will they look in the finished projects? That's something that my Patrons will be the first to know! Finished products will be announced in an exclusive, Patron-only post or two, at least 24 hours before I share the product with the public.
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