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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Shawl that started it all .... the inspiration for my Patreon project!

Shawlette - cotton blend, Pebble Beach colors 12.27.18

Cross-posted from my Patreon page blog... 

.... one of the healing-color item types I'll be making are shawls & shawlettes. I've been making these for several years, and they're quite popular at my Zibbet shop

Last fall I was asked to make a shawl to comfort a cancer patient. The shawl had to be made out of a smooth, non-irritating yarn, and when I was researching yarn types, I was blown away by the colors that were offered. Wow, I thought, I could combine the heart-chakra colors and surround this lady with love and compassion ....

As it happens, the person receiving the shawl requested neutral colors. There went my color theory opportunity, lol. But still, I found a suitable yarn in these lovely, soothing shades of taupe and cream. Neutrals can be healing, too!

I jotted down my ideas for shawls in healing-color combos, and went on my merry way. The holidays were approaching, and I had orders to fill! When life moved on and the bottom dropped out of my finances, making it necessary for me to turn to Patreon - my vision of color-healing shawls was ready to go.

And here we are! I'm now working on my love & compassion shawl, and hope to have some preview pix ready soon.

Please consider becoming a Patron, to support the arts and help me spread more colorful healing in the world! thank you :)

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