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Friday, June 10, 2016

Roadrunner Report > the Roadies are Back!

I was about to write a post titled "Roadrunners flew the coop" or something to that effect, because it's been over a week since I last saw my resident roadrunners, and not much of them at the last siting. In the interim - like, yesterday - their poor, dying roosting tree was severely cut back, and I thought that would send them away for good. It was needed to avoid the hazards inherent with a huge, dead pine tree in my front yard. Here's one of my latest Roadie photos that also illustrates the problem:

Roadie in his roosting tree 051916-001

Yesterday was tree-cutting day, and my sympathetic yard guy Tony figured out a way to cut the tree and save the roadrunners' roosting branch, as well as the young silver maple that's coming up beneath it. I figured I probably wouldn't get a chance to see if our scheme worked until the roadrunners returned in the fall, or maybe ever. But this afternoon I had a very pleasant surprise:

I was getting ready to go shopping and was ferrying stuff out to my car when I heard the distinctive honking call of the roadrunner! I dropped everything and went back into the house for dried mealworms and water to refill the outside critters' water bowl. As I was pouring mealworms onto the feeding rock, a roadrunner fluttered down from either the surviving pine tree or the roof of the house. He landed almost right next me and began gobbling up his mealworm snack!

Roadrunner in yard 041916

Then, to make the roadrunner return perfect, at sunset I saw the familiar roadie silhouette perched in the usual spot on his roosting branch. The tree is much reduced and the few remaining needles are brown, but the roadie can still roost there :)

I am very happy to see my roadrunner(s) again, even as I recognize they may never have gone - just changed their habits and laid low for a while. But I felt a little bereft without seeing them. It's part of southwestern lore that a roadrunner visiting your yard brings good luck, and without them I'd noticed my "luck" slipping away, much to my chagrin. I am happy and grateful to have my feathered bringers of luck back again!

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