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Friday, April 29, 2016

Today's Picture 11 > Fancy Bird original mixed-media art piece

Today's picture is a mixed-media work featuring a fanciful avian figure. This fine-feathered friend shows off her plumage - including lace-like wings, flourished tail, and real feathers forming the crest on her head - as she drifts through a background of aurora-like colors. The piece is made with acrylic paints, gel pens, markers, paper collage, feathers, and tissue-paper overlay on canvas board. It measures 7 inches wide by 5 inches tall.

"Fancy Bird" by Jan Burch
all rights reserved
This work is available for purchase has been SOLD! but you can more of my Fine Art Originals on Zibbet.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Call of the Semi-Wild Roadrunner

As I've written before, my front yard has been home to a pair (or more, or fewer) of Greater Roadrunners over the past several months. Here's my take on what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the Call of the (semi-)Wild Roadrunner.

Roadie, my resident roadrunner, gets a bead on a bud on my front porch.
Yes, my front porch is a mess!
It took me some time to verify that the calls I was hearing actually came from the roadrunners, but once I heard it outside with the roadie in view, there was no doubt. I hear two distinct calls from my resident roadies: the rattle call, and what I call the hu call. 

The rattle call is a very distinct, short rattle noise that sounds mysteriously nature-planetish when heard from a distance. But up close — and I’ve heard it up close — it is a loud, snapping sound. I’ve been known to startle when Roadie lets off his rattle call as I’m carefully pouring out dried mealworms on a rock for his evening snack.
I’ve also observed that the loud, close rattle call sounds somewhat like the clicker used in certain modes of dog training; from what I’ve read, it seems like a an effective training method for a variety of critters, including humans. In which case, Roadie has been quite successful in training his various providers of mealworms around the neighborhood. Because I am not the only roadrunner servant on the block!
The hu call — my term — is what the books and nature authorities describe as a dove-like cooing sound. However, I think it sounds more like an owl, but not quite. Therefore, I call it hu not hoooooo…. Then again, the big, fat white-winged doves around my place can sound like owls when they get going. So there you are!
To make sure I knew what I was talking about, I looked up roadrunner calls on The Google before I wrote this diary, and I even listened to several audio clips. Most of them did not sound like my Roadie (no, he doesn’t go beep beep...) but I did find this video that is as close to my Roadie as you can get. There are some slight variations, but I put it down to the fact that roadrunner in this video is Rudy, not Roadie.
Regarding what these calls are for … again there is disagreement among the authorities. Some say the rattle is a female call and the hu is the mating call for males, or vice versa. Some say the rattle is a begging call. Since I often hear the rattle when I walk out the front door, I take it as a greeting call ;) And once, just days ago, Roadie was running across the yard to me as I put out his mealworms. When he got about four feet from me, he gave a soft hu call. Now, I really don’t think he was hoping to mate with me. But still, I felt honored :)
And that’s what I know about roadrunner calls!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Today's Picture 10 > Pewter Vase with Orange Flowers

Today's painting features a chunky pewter-grey vase overflowing with green foliage and orange flowers against an abstract background in pastel shades, this original artwork adds a cheery note to your decor. The vase has a touch of realistic shimmer because metallic paints were used.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Today's Picture 09 > Magenta Vase with Aqua Flowers

Today's picture continues my vase-with-flowers theme in this lusciously-colored original acrylic painting. A fat magenta-pink vase overflows with aqua-blue blossoms. Enjoy!

Update 3.20.17: This painting has been SOLD! but you can see all all of my Fine Art Originals available on Zibbet.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Finds: Fine Art Gifts for Mother's Day

If you're looking for something different in a Mother's Day gift, consider a gift of fine art. Whether your Mom likes flowers, landscapes, old masters or modern works - there's a wide range available in print-on-demand wall art from Zazzle.

See more Tree Posters

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Finds > More Mother's Day Gift Ideas - from Zazzle!

There's still time to find a great gift for Mom at Zazzle - and you can find customizable items for a truly unique and special gift on Mother's Day!


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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Today's Picture 08 > Blue Vase with Foliage and White Flowers

Today's Picture is a painting I made on heavy paper with acrylics - somewhat of departure for me, as it veers away from my usual mixed-media approach. It depicts a wide blue vase with dark green foliage and white blossoms.

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Finds > Mother's Day Gifts - handmade and individually crafted from my Zibbet store!

(Yes, it's still Friday, lol.) Today I'm featuring some of the handmade gifts I create and offer on my Zibbet store - Jan4insight Handmade Gallery. This is an especially good time to shop for Mom, because I have a storewide sale - 15% off everything - going on now through Sunday, April 10. Click the image or the link in the embedded tweets below to go directly to the product page:

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Today's Picture 07 > Cabbage Rose

This rose-like image fairly glows in rich shades of orange, coral, and green against an abstract background in sunset colors. As I posted last week, there are two kinds of cabbage rose - the floral, old-fashioned garden rose, and the vegetable formations of ornamental cabbages and kale! I veered toward the vegetable side when creating this piece ...

Cabbage Rose by Jan Burch
8"x10" mixed media on heavy paper

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Today's Picture 06 > Organic Mandala

Today's picture is a mandala-like design that has an organic feeling to it, because it's based on the plan of an artichoke! It has a fractal quality, too, because many natural forms and structures do, It also spirals. I don't think I've ever looked as deeply into an artichoke as when I was creating this design. Finally, it fairly glows in neon-bright colors ~

This original artwork is available at my Zibbet store; Click to Buy - You can see all of my Fine Art Originals on Zibbet.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Finds: Funny Stuff on Zazzle

With this Friday falling on April 1, it seems like a good time to sample the funny and humorous side of Zazzle products. Because it's a poor excuse for April Fool's Day if you can't laugh ...






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