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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cabbage Roses

I'm working on a new mixed-media art piece (still very much In Progress, so no pics yet) that I decided to turn into a depiction of a full-blown cabbage rose. The next step was to go a Google search of cabbage rose images, so I could use colors and details that were somewhat realistic (I'm not a rose expert, by any means). That's when I found something quite interesting - there are two kinds of "cabbage" roses:

  • The first is the floral cabbage rose, which is an old-fashioned variety of genuine rose. It has many petals densely packed so the shape of it resembles a cabbage head.
  • The second is what I call the vegetable cabbage rose. Also known as ornamental cabbage or ornamental kale, it's a variety of these familiar vegetables that's bred for beauty rather than flavor - although apparently it's still edible! 

The two types of cabbage rose often look so similar, it's difficult to tell one from the other in photos. Here are some pictures to show the range of these interesting members of the plant kingdom:

File:Rosa centifolia 002.JPG
Source: Wikimedia Commons

File:Jean Henri Jaume Saint-Hilaire, Rose.jpg
1825 illustration by Jean Henri Jaume Saint-Hilaire
from Wikimedia Commons

Ornamental kale 'Crane Red'
Source: Cornell Univ. Dept. of Horticulture

cabbage roses

Source: Flickr

The first two pictures show the floral cabbage rose. The second two show the vegetable "roses." And now I know what details and colors to use to finish my art piece~!

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