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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Word for 2015 is COURAGE - from my art journal

The first journal page I did this year inspired me to adopt COURAGE as my word for 2015:

"Courage" journal page by Jan4insight, 1.7.15
"to speak one's mind by telling all one's heart"

The sentiment that's on this page

was inspired by something I read ages ago. Apparently the original English definition of Cour-age in the Middle Ages was just that. I don't know if that's literally true, but it doesn't matter - the concept has stayed with me through all those years. I've dabbled artistically with it before, but it hasn't started coming together until now. One of my Courageous goals for this year is to bring this idea into a physical art piece, perhaps a mixed-media canvas, to offer for sale. This is part of my umbrella goal of bringing more original art pieces into my Zibbet store.

This has been so inspiring, I made another page spread on the idea of Courage. The sentiments are more personal to me, but to anyone who's been on a similar journey, I think they're self-explanatory, And if they're not - well, that's my secret ;) Here's my second page Courageous page spread:

"Courage in My Heart" journal spread by Jan4insight, 2.11.15

Okay, credit where credit is due: The prompts for these pages are from the Monthly Challenge group at Jennibellie's Journal Workshops Ning site, which I joined at the beginning this year. Yes, I know I don't have time to really dive in like I'd like, but I'd been craving a place to really share with other art journalers. And this is it!

One last thing: After doing these pages I've been using "courage" as a mantra to get me going again during those everyday times when I feel stuck. It's working!


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