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Sunday, September 28, 2014

#ArtJournalWisdom Day "5" Page - Limit(less) purples

I'm not really going in order on the Art Journal Wisdom experience; this only the second page I've done and Connie calls it Day 5:

The assignment was called "limit yourself" to three elements: Color scheme of purples and white/ Theme of air or breath/ Use a natural item that was gently-collected from your yard (like the real feather I adhered to the page!).

I started by collaging strips of purple paper to the page in a spiral fashion, inspired by a quilt block design I saw on Pinterest. Then I tried to enhance the design with paint & markers to highlight the strips, and that's where I messed up. I rarely make a collage I don't like, but this one was it. So I painted over the whole thing with iridescent medium - which I've found is a great way to soften an unwieldy collage - and then went back with my purple paint and markers to reinforce the spiral design. The previous layers still show through, but are much more softened and blended. I liked it better already.

To finish, I plucked some little fronds from the juniper tree in my front yard, dipped them in gold paint, and stamped them randomly on the page. That's one natural element. I stuck the feather - which I found today in my back yard; the birds are always leaving feathers for me to find :) - to the page with double-sided tape. Then I glued on a butterfly I cut from a magazine (which I guess is another natural item).

I titled the page "A breath of air" to fit with the theme. It works. The spiral design of the background looks breezy and airy to me, and the feather and butterfly naturally represent air. And the process of going through something messed up, and making it into something I like, feels freeing. It's a release - like taking a breath of air.

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