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Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm Back, Thankfully, After a Glitch in the Intertubes!

I'm generally not interested in bloggers' explanation of why they haven't posted for a while, so I don't expect my readers to be interested in mine. But for those who saw a "this site is for sale" message over the last few weeks - that was glitch, my bad, and it's gone now.

lol facebook-status-sleepin-on-de-computer-iz-dcynafkb-alkjfv

No, the glitch is not LOLcat-related; I just thought it was a cute picture :) It seems I let my domain registration expire in mid-March. That was my bad. So when I tried to renew it, I found myself tumbling down a rabbit hole of various hoops to jump through before I could get 'er done. Well, today it got done and I am so relieved. One less thing to pull my hair out for! lol

There's always the thing of how, for me, writing for income interferes with writing for blogging. I'll have to try to do better at that, I guess. I really don't mean to go for months without posting. So before this day is over I promise to get another actual interesting (I hope) on doing a journal spread with a paper-woven background. Won't that be fun :)

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