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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Treasure Map for 2014: The Vase and The Key

I have decided to present my 2014 New Year's Reading in the form of a collaged Treasure Map ~

Original collage (c) Jan Burch 2014

A Treasure Map is a visual representation of goals and visions for the coming months. They be created at any time for any person, and this time I created a Treasure Map for Us - the people in the world. The images on the map represent archetypes or universal energies that will help us move through the year with ease and grace:

At center of the energy pattern are The Vase and The Key. If we can practice the state of open receptivity symbolized by the Vase, them perhaps we can access the Key of individual realization the universe offers us.

Our moving forward is supported by The Glove, the attitude of give and take. This is about letting the world know who we are through our actions, while accepting assistance when needed. The Gifts represent of our attitude of gratitude, of appreciating and returning the favor. It also reminds us to put to use our talents and abilities for the good of all.

Our foundation for this movement is found in the energies of The Maiden, the side of us that seeks the best for everyone, and The Bell - our ability to attract and attune. Dancing at the edges of our consciousness, The Jester is our expression of truth through humor. And The Gate reminds us of the perils of opportunism even as it encourages us to responsibly check out the potential of opportunities that come our way.

Emphasis on relationship will be a theme for the year, and that include cooperation and partnerships at all levels. Lessons of the year will revolve around seeking harmony while developing individual judgment, so that illusions of fear will not pull us off center.

It going to be quite a year! Best wishes to you and all of yours for a great 2014!

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