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Sunday, September 28, 2014

#ArtJournalWisdom Day "5" Page - Limit(less) purples

I'm not really going in order on the Art Journal Wisdom experience; this only the second page I've done and Connie calls it Day 5:

The assignment was called "limit yourself" to three elements: Color scheme of purples and white/ Theme of air or breath/ Use a natural item that was gently-collected from your yard (like the real feather I adhered to the page!).

I started by collaging strips of purple paper to the page in a spiral fashion, inspired by a quilt block design I saw on Pinterest. Then I tried to enhance the design with paint & markers to highlight the strips, and that's where I messed up. I rarely make a collage I don't like, but this one was it. So I painted over the whole thing with iridescent medium - which I've found is a great way to soften an unwieldy collage - and then went back with my purple paint and markers to reinforce the spiral design. The previous layers still show through, but are much more softened and blended. I liked it better already.

To finish, I plucked some little fronds from the juniper tree in my front yard, dipped them in gold paint, and stamped them randomly on the page. That's one natural element. I stuck the feather - which I found today in my back yard; the birds are always leaving feathers for me to find :) - to the page with double-sided tape. Then I glued on a butterfly I cut from a magazine (which I guess is another natural item).

I titled the page "A breath of air" to fit with the theme. It works. The spiral design of the background looks breezy and airy to me, and the feather and butterfly naturally represent air. And the process of going through something messed up, and making it into something I like, feels freeing. It's a release - like taking a breath of air.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

First pages in my new Art Journal - inspired by #ArtJournalWisdom Worshop

My previous visual/journal books are nearly filled, and I had put aside a blank composition book to start a new one, but hadn't gotten ARoundTuit. This week I did, and here is the first page spread:

Isn't it pretty? Some technical details before I get to the inspiration source and my deeper thoughts, such as they are.

  • The notebook is a standard composition book with the covers dressed up, like the journals I sell at my Zibbet shop. (Hmm, Zibbet's rebuilt site won't let me link to shop sections. Sorry.) But I digress ...
  • Back to my new journal - I had put this particular book aside for my own use because the back cover didn't line up with the page ends, so I didn't want to sell it (cheap notebooks are like that), and it was a perfect opportunity for me to start a new book. I covered the front, back, inside covers and spine to make it my book. The covers are gorgeous if I do say so myself, but I will have to take some better pics before I can show you.
  • To prepare the composition book for an art journal (on my site I pitch them for writers, poems, recipes, etc.) I cut and removed a chunk of pages, about a third of the total, from the center. This reduces the bulk so you can add stuff as is done in an art journal. I glued several pages together, two pages at a time, with a glue stick - quick, easy and cheaper than gel medium or whatever. This is to strengthen the pages so they stand up the challenge of art journaling. I wonder if it's really necessary, though - when I was cutting the pages out of the center, I found they were really strong. I couldn't tear them, so I had to use a craft knife. But, gluing pages together reduces the intimidation factor of having all those 100+ pages to fill, so glue I did.
  • To make this page spread, I slapped on a layer of gesso with some scratched-in texture & let it dry. Then I generously dribbled some craft paint in different colors at the top of the pages and squished them down the page with a piece of cardboard, using squiggly motions (love trying new techniques!). When the colors got a little muddy, as they will, I was delighted to find I could scratch through the "mud" with a plastic fork and/or a cheap palette knife to reveal the bright colors underneath. Yeah! I added more color layers by stamping white, yellow and bronze paints with a tp tube (circles), bubble wrap (blurry dots), and plastic canvas (little squares). Yeah! The bronze paint was the trickiest to stamp, so I just wiped the ends of the tp tube, dipped in bronze, in a series of streaks across the pages. Because sparkle is good, and metallic shine is the next best thing :)

I like my page spread, and even though I really don't have time for this, I plan to press on with at least few more lessons from Connie Hosvicka's Art Journal Wisdom workshop. Best of all, the workshop is free! Yeah! It's very much geared to beginners, but even though I've already got 5 or so art journals under my belt, I've been picking up some new tips. Plus, she encourages us to post and share our share - I've been hungry for that, too.

So, even though it's not a good time for me to do this (is it ever a good time) and even though I'm kinda stressed with all that's on my plate (when am I not stressed, lol), I'm going forward with many thanks to Connie for this gift of a free workshop. In fact, I see the next lesson is about getting it out, getting it down - to deal with stress. Well, I know what my next page spread will be! Onward ;)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Moon Friday 13th Forecast: The Crown and The Knight

Call it wisdom or call it superstition, dear readers - but our human brains are wired to seek meaning in seemingly coincidental events. Tonight's Full Moon bumping against Friday the 13th of June is one such synchronistic pattern, one that won't be repeated for many years. So let's look at the energy patterns and archetypes for this celestial event, as revealed by my StarGate cards:

The Knight - image courtesy of MorgueFile

Where we are now is The Handle, which tells that this full moon's regenerative power energizes us and supports taking initiative. Coming up ahead is The Crown, a fulfillment of our quest for guidance. And as we take right guidance into our lives, we can in turn offer leadership to others. What should we pay attention to, but The Knight - the noble side of ourselves. Let us raise our sights to highest level of questing, always acting with honor and seeking to protect and rescue the weaker ones who depend upon our care.

The Star of Austerity is one of our helpers for this full moon cycle. It reminds us to step and take a cold, clear look at the events around you. Our second helper is The Wind (and as I type this, the wind is swirling around my Albuquerque home right now!). This Wind is the challenge of how we adapt to change. Better to be like the limber willow that sways in the wind, instead of a stiff old snag that breaks.

If you've been needing, seeking -- or resisting -- a change, this is the time to spread your sails and fly forward. By the time the next full moon comes around, you'll be able to see the results of your intentions for change that were activated under this Friday 13 Full Moon.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring Sweetness - new floral design at my P.O.D. sites

The weather in my part of the world got wintery again over the last few days, and being that I'm a fall & winter person I'm quite happy about that. But as much as I grieve a little bit when spring comes along, I am able to recognize signs of spring's beauty when I see them. One of the first is the wild Cranesbill flower (also known as wild geranium) that blooms in my yard. A few weeks ago I snapped this picture when the cranesbill was at its peak:

Pretty, but nothing special - until I zoomed in, cropped it and "painterized" it to make a new design for my Zazzle store. Like this ~


Don't those pink blossoms look gorgeous against that deep, leafy-green background? I'm having fun putting it on Zazzle's array of new products like lunch boxes, trays, and even wrapping paper! Of course it's also available on the usual P.O.D. stuff like posters, mugs, t-shirts, and so on at my Jan4insight* store. Here's a look at the new products I mentioned:




I've added more P.O.D. sites in the past year, and "spring sweetness" is flowering there, too. Check out my all-over floral designs (I particularly like the sweatshirt) at Print All Over Me/Jan4insight. For bigger, bolder home decor I have a spring sweetness rug and shower curtain in my store at Society6/Jan4insight.

In the time I've been writing this tribute to spring flowers, lol, the temperature has dropped enough that I need to go turn up the heat, put on a sweater, cuddle under an afghan and pretend that it's still my favorite season!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Journal Page with a Woven-Paper Background

Here's something I actually made after being inspired on Pinterest (the link is to my Pinterest profile, in case you want to follow me.) After seeing several posts on paper weaving and using strips as collage backgrounds, I remembered that I have a fair-sized collection of paper strips in my stash. I sorted through them and picked out the brightest, most random-looking assortment of strip colors and sizes I could find. Then I found a random, half-painted page spread and went to work.

The pic above shows the right-hand page with the weaving done - because that's when I remembered to start taking pictures! On the left page you can see the half-painted background over some old notes. 

Now for the steps:

Here's the left-hand page after I put a strip of double-sided tape across the top and stuck a collection of strips to the tape. Helpful hint: don't use repositionable tape like I did, because it didn't stick very well to the paper! Fortunately it was easy enough to work some glue stick under the tape to secure it to the paper, and then glue-stick another strip of paper on top of the woven strip ends. But it would be much easier to use permanent double-sided tape in the first place. Word to the wise!

The left-hand page with the weaving begun. I put some double-sided tape down the side of the page at the outer edge, to hold the horizontal. The coolest thing was when I discovered to use a ruler as a treadle (or whatever that weaving thing is called) to separate out the vertical strips that go "over." It makes that whole "over and under" thing much quicker and easier to do.

The weaving is finished on the left-hand page but not trimmed. Somehow I also meshed the left and right horizontal strips together ...

... and trimmed them up to get this woven beauty. Don't ask me how I did it, but somehow I meshed, trimmed and glued the strips where they met in the center. This spread is so fun and colorful, you'd think I would have left it alone. But I didn't. I'm so into backgrounds,  and I wanted to see what it would look like with gesso and/or iridescent medium over it and figures glued on ...

And here it is, in its final glorious state! I painted white gesso on the left page and iridescent medium on the right (so I could see which does what), then added a few figures cut from magazines. I definitely like the iridescent medium effects the best, because it gives a softer look and sparkle is always good. But it's nice to know what can be done with this technique if I ever want to try it again.

And that's my paper-weaving journal page! I'm happy with it :)

I'm Back, Thankfully, After a Glitch in the Intertubes!

I'm generally not interested in bloggers' explanation of why they haven't posted for a while, so I don't expect my readers to be interested in mine. But for those who saw a "this site is for sale" message over the last few weeks - that was glitch, my bad, and it's gone now.

lol facebook-status-sleepin-on-de-computer-iz-dcynafkb-alkjfv

No, the glitch is not LOLcat-related; I just thought it was a cute picture :) It seems I let my domain registration expire in mid-March. That was my bad. So when I tried to renew it, I found myself tumbling down a rabbit hole of various hoops to jump through before I could get 'er done. Well, today it got done and I am so relieved. One less thing to pull my hair out for! lol

There's always the thing of how, for me, writing for income interferes with writing for blogging. I'll have to try to do better at that, I guess. I really don't mean to go for months without posting. So before this day is over I promise to get another actual interesting (I hope) on doing a journal spread with a paper-woven background. Won't that be fun :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Treasure Map for 2014: The Vase and The Key

I have decided to present my 2014 New Year's Reading in the form of a collaged Treasure Map ~

Original collage (c) Jan Burch 2014

A Treasure Map is a visual representation of goals and visions for the coming months. They be created at any time for any person, and this time I created a Treasure Map for Us - the people in the world. The images on the map represent archetypes or universal energies that will help us move through the year with ease and grace:

At center of the energy pattern are The Vase and The Key. If we can practice the state of open receptivity symbolized by the Vase, them perhaps we can access the Key of individual realization the universe offers us.

Our moving forward is supported by The Glove, the attitude of give and take. This is about letting the world know who we are through our actions, while accepting assistance when needed. The Gifts represent of our attitude of gratitude, of appreciating and returning the favor. It also reminds us to put to use our talents and abilities for the good of all.

Our foundation for this movement is found in the energies of The Maiden, the side of us that seeks the best for everyone, and The Bell - our ability to attract and attune. Dancing at the edges of our consciousness, The Jester is our expression of truth through humor. And The Gate reminds us of the perils of opportunism even as it encourages us to responsibly check out the potential of opportunities that come our way.

Emphasis on relationship will be a theme for the year, and that include cooperation and partnerships at all levels. Lessons of the year will revolve around seeking harmony while developing individual judgment, so that illusions of fear will not pull us off center.

It going to be quite a year! Best wishes to you and all of yours for a great 2014!

Did you know that I can make a Treasure Map just for you? Order through through my Etsy shop and get your customized manifestation tool!


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