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Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter Solstice 2013: Morning Crowns the Earth

The Winter Solstice arrives tomorrow, December 21, at 10:11 am Mountain Time. When I asked my cards for a message at this potent time, I was expecting a little homily about light returning and so on  - thus, I was surprised and the profound layers of meaning that were revealed in a simple card spread. It's about how we conduct ourselves in relation to The Earth:

original collage by Jan Burch

The Earth represents the condition of having resources, stability and structure. In this I can't help but see the energy as representing our planet Earth herself, and how she is suffering under the mistreatment our species has collectively given her. The Earth our home could potentially give us all the resources, stability and structure we need - if we go about it wisely. Sadly, we haven't done this.

We need is to bring to our relationship with the Earth a sense of renewal and awakening, the energy of The Morning. Blocking this worthy goal is The Crown, the fulfillment of leadership and guidance. It's no surprise that many of our leaders, at all levels from the individual citizen on up, are blocking any progress we could make in treating the planet, our life support system, as she deserves - even as many other leaders are struggling day and night to do what is right for our long-term survival. Those who are struggling for the good of the planet need our help.

What can we do? Shifting this pattern requires the energy of The Arrow - the attitude of making a decision. At the individual as well as the collective level, we need to decide to make taking care of the Earth our priority. And we need to decide this again and again, on a daily basis, it seems.

What decision can you make today to help secure a liveable future for our planet and all her creatures?

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