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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY Rug-into-Hallway-Carpet Project: Day 1

I was inspired  by this fabulous article on How to Make Rugs With Carpet Squares, which I wrote btw, to do something similar for the stripped-bare hallway in my house. The hallway carpet was pulled up a few years, leaving the world's ugliest subflooring for all to see, and I haven't done anything with it since. So while I was revising the article to meet the demands of a picky-picky editor, I happened to walk down the hallway when the light bulb went on: I can do that right here, yeah! It helped that I already had a room-size rug that I wasn't using. It could be cut up and combined with another rug or two to make something bright and mod.

The Hallway Challenge

My room-size rug was already wild & mod (it's the one in the pics with the red-orange background, turquoise border, and multicolored pods going up & down the pattern). I've long known that if you want to combine wild patterns, you might as well go for it and get wild all the way. I bought two more area rugs that just happened to echo the turquoise and the celery green colors of the mod-pod rug, along with some new scissors and Gorilla brand duct tape, and I'm on my way. So now let's let the pictures tell the story of Day 1:

 Spreading out the working materials

  Spreading out the working materials and showing the Fugly Floor that needs to covered

My weapons of choice - new scissors and Gorilla brand duct tape 

More working aides to the challenge - I bought those kneeling pads (on the left in the picture) a long time ago at Big Lots for way cheap and hadn't used them. When I dug them out for this project, I found they have inch markings on the long edges. That will come in very handy for measuring the pieces I cut, even as they save my poor knees!

Believe it or not, these rugs cut relatively easily with ordinary scissors. This is good because I want to cut from the front so I can work with the designs. Heavier carpet has to be cut from the back with a carpet knife, which I do not want to do.

Next step on the agenda is to wash the rugs. I want to get the new-carpet smell out of them and just start my project with clean rugs. I will spread them out in my driveway, soap them with a solution of Woolite* and water (it works for cars, it should work for rugs), hose them down and let them dry. Then cut and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle in the hallway, and tape them together. This whole project is going to take up the next week, I think. Now that I'm doing it I'm ready to keep going! Stay tuned.

*Actually it's Wool Wash from the Dollar Tree. Can't beat the price! It's wonderful for your car, outside windows and area rugs too. I rated it a BEST on my Pinterest Bests & Busts board.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Excuses, Excuses

My apologies for imposing on you one of those posts (that nobody wants to read) about why I haven't blogged in over two months .... but I haven't blogged in over two months because I've taken on a writing job, plus additional work for a private client, that has left me all worded out by the end of the day. It cuts into my crafting and crocheting time, too. But - it pays the bills, and for that I am grateful. I just wish it didn't involve writing, lol.

I am writing home decor and fitness articles for Demand Media. I've written on such fabulous things as How to Blend Zen and Mediterranean Decor -- How to arrange a vase in a wall niche -- How to make rugs with carpet squares. That last one is why I'm writing this post now, because it inspired to create a rug for my hallway, and I want share as it goes here on the blog. And I want to have all the excuses out of the way before I start that.

The irony of the writer-for-hire life is that these articles would all make great blog posts, but I don't hold the copyright so I can't use them here. But I can share them, and I've been pinning them to my Tips, Tutorials and How-To's board on Pinterest. So fellow pinners, you can hop on over there and partake of my particular wisdom in the decor area. And fitness, too -- I'm expert in the the life of the couch potato, lol.

I've also been expanding my P.O.D. stores, and of all things Cafepress is the one of the new ones that has started selling for me (may it continue). It's kinda fun to design things like flipflops, all-over t-shirts, shower curtains, tablecloths and things that none of the other PODs do. There's that home decor preference again! My CP store is Jan4insightDesigns, check it out. And here's a pretty picture of one of the products I like:

Peace Spirit Dove Kid's All Over Print T-Shirt

And there's still and always Zazzle and the 5 or 6 shops I have there. Zazzle's changes at the beginning of the summer knocked me and lots of my fellow Zazzlers for a loop. But we're still there and still designing, so I'll close with one of  the new products at Zazzle, a jersey scarf with the Ba-gua Turtle. And now that I've got the excuses out of the way, I'll be back soon with pictures from my carpet project. Cheers.

Turtle Ba-gua jersey scarf
Turtle Ba-gua jersey scarf by TheElementalHome
Browse more Jan4insight Scarves at Zazzle


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