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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Got Feng Shui? A Bit About the Ba-Gua

The Ba-gua, or Eight Directions, is one the more fundamental concepts in Feng Shui and all of the Chinese arts. This colorful design is my painterly interpretation of the Feng Shui Ba-Gua, which is said to have developed from divinatory practices using tortoise shells. I find it fascinating that he wisdom encoded in the Ba-Gua became the foundation for all of the Chinese arts - and it began with a tortoiseshell: 

I used a variety of real-life and digital painting techniques to create these stunning images, with a classic arrangement of the trigrams and color choices guided by the Black Hat School of Feng Shui. These are just two of the products in my Feng Shui-inspired Zazzle store, TheElementalHome*, which I opened earlier this year -- thereby fulfilling my dream of combining my artwork with my passion for Feng Shui. Do check it out! And read more about the Traditional Bagua plus the Black Hat version in the article at the link. It's one of the superlative articles I've been writing for SFGate.com in my new gig as a writer for DemandMedia. 


Almost Precious said...

Fang Shui has always intrigued me one of these days I intend to take the time to study and learn about it.

Jan - I'm not sure about the dStash site but will check it out again. Right after I blogged I tried the link out, it was working properly at that time but on the internet things can go down hill fast. I also found if I went directly to dStash.com I had no problems but if I tried to access it through the url of my dStash posting it would tell me that the post did not exist. Maybe it's because of these glitches that dStash doesn't have very many followers. :( Oh the joys of electronic technology. :)

Jan4insight said...

Thanks for stopping by, Almost Precious, and I'm glad you were intrigued by my Feng Shui post. I'm still not having any luck with dStash, but I use Chrome browser and not all sites work with that. I hope you have better luck with it that I did! Cheers :)


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