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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Got Feng Shui? Open Your Doors To Life Energy!

Summer's approaching - guests are arriving! What better time to make sure your home has a truly welcome feeling? Decorators and real estate agents call it “curb appeal.” In Feng Shui, we refer to the “gateway of ch’i” which brings beneficial life energy into your home, creating a pleasant and harmonious feeling both inside and out. Following these principles will help you “welcome” your ch’i like an honored guest.

A feng shui-enhanced front door. Image courtesy of MorgueFile/jade

Is your entryway bright, inviting, and easy to find, or is it dark, hidden, and foreboding? Why not take some time to spruce up the doorway for your special guests - and your ch'i. Here are some tips for inviting life energy into your home:
  • The ideal path to your front door is curved or meandering. If the walkway is straight or angular, you can soften it by adding a border of flowers.
  • Can your guests find you? Make sure your house numbers are easily visible and the entry is well-lit at night, without being glaring.
  • Red is the color of happiness and life energy. Use touches of red near your doorway. A flowerpot or plantings of red geraniums are great for the summer; winter holiday decorations traditionally incorporate red.
  • Wind chimes are wonderful near the front door. Every breeze produces soothing sound and motion that attracts ch'i.
After making these changes, step outside and take a look at your front door. Approach it from the street as if you, yourself, were visiting for the first time. You should feel a new sense of openness, an "aahhhhhhh" sensation. Your surroundings are now filled with life energy. And your guests will feel welcome, too!
And so starts a series of posts about Feng Shui that I've had in mind since forever. I'm pleased to share with you more Feng Shui observations and pointers over the coming months. I'm now also sharing my experience at SFGate online magazine. Here is my latest article: How to Decorate Asian-Themed Designs for Bedrooms with feng shui pointers for your bedrooms. Click here for more information about my Feng Shui consultations and other energetic services.


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