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Friday, March 8, 2013

I have another "tree" spread in my art journal

I've been being really "artsy" the last week or so. Here's the latest page spread in my visual journal collection:

The basic inspiration was a quote I saw recently on Facebook: "You should sit and meditate for 20 minutes each day. Unless you don't have the time. Then you should sit for an hour!" That spoke to me, for some reason - especially after I changed "meditate" to "do art" lol.

Then, because I'd gotten a little extra money (and some Michael's coupons) I added two new items to art stash: Sharpie fabric brush pens (got on clearance at Target) and a set of watercolor crayons (from Michael's with a 50% off coupon). I love 'em both so it was a good haul! This page spread was the first use of both sets and I love, love, love the way they worked. I'll be doing more with these, that's for sure!

One other neat thing about this spread - some of the colored circles are actually fake acrylic "jewels" from a large batch I've had in my stash since forever. The red circles are shiny red discs from the stash, and there is one clear faceted "jewel." I glued them in place with Locktite, a heavy-duty glue I found at the hardware store that's only thing to use for applying fake jewels, imo. (The other multi-colored discs are stickers.) It's unusual for me to put 3-dimensional things in my journals, because I still want it work like a book and actually close. However these jewels don't bother the overall book-ness of this book, and I really like the extra dimension they add.

And that's my "tree" spread for this week. Hope you enjoy it!

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