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Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Tree" Treasure Map - This journal page was done before noon! (well, almost)

Still on the Love, Beauty, Money theme from last week, but I've been thinking about trees lately and I wanted one in my new journal spread/treasure map. Here's what I made:

I like my tree! And I like the colors and the journaling block. Pretty good for a spread I whipped out in, oh, about an hour and a half this morning.

That's even more impressive when you know me - I am NOT a morning person, and my favorite time to work in my craft room is mid to late afternoon. I like the light then. But last night I was surfing YouTube videos in the art journal - mixed media realm, and found one called "The 15-minute Journal Page" which you can see here. Anything that's "quick" sounds good to me, especially since I rarely seem to get as much time to spend in my art journals as I would like. Basically, the video divided the journal page-making process into three segments and allotted 5 minutes (with a timer, even) to each. The sections are: 1) lay down your random background; 2) add color and develop an image; 3) complete the page and do your journaling. I'm describing the steps differently than in the video because my process is different. And I did spend more than five minutes on the sections - but it was still fast for me! Oh, you should also break between the steps and wash some dishes or eat breakfast or play with the cat. That's part of the process, too.

So, before my late breakfast today, I began stamping the background designs onto my previously-painted pages. Blank journal pages are great for using up leftover paint from other projects! By then I'd decided how to make the tree, so I started punching out the scalloped ovals from magazine pages showing green and leafy things. I put the ovals through my Xyron tape so I'd have them as stickers, ready for when I came back from breakfast. 

After I'd eaten, I sat down and painted the tree trunk and stuck the ovals on to it. That completed step two. I took another break and thought about the final, embellishing step. I decided to add some stickers from my stash - I rarely use stickers any more, because I don't like using someone else's designs in my work, but I have quite a stash and this was a good time to use them! I added the butterflies and hearts for love, the flowers for beauty, and the gold stars for money. I also found some vellum stickers of clouds and bubbles as I was going through my stash, and thought they'd be good for creating the journaling block on the right-hand page. It had a dark background, and I haven't been able to find a reliably opaque white pen, so I need to write in dark on light. The stickers worked perfectly - I made a solid block of them in the middle of the page and wrote on it with a good ol' Sharpie ultra-fine point. I put some of the small cloud and bubble stickers around the page, and used one medium cloud for a signature space.

I like it! Hope you do, too :) 

PS: I make custom Treasure Maps for clients! See my EclecticaByJan Etsy shop for details :)

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