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Monday, February 11, 2013

After a few detours, my Treasure Map journal page is done

Here it is: "Love, Beauty, Money" ~

It started out as one of those silly, end of the year posts on Facebook - something to the effect of "the first three words you find in this scramble will be what comes to you in 2013." I kid you not, the first words I found were "Love, Beauty, Money" - and I'll take 'em.

The story behind the page spread itself is more interesting. I decided to try a new (to me) technique, based on something I'd seen on Pinterest. I'm not linking because it didn't work very well. Basically you make a collage that completely covers the page, cut out silhouette-type templates and stick them to your collage, paint over the whole thing with white or some solid-colored paint, then remove your templates to reveal a colorful silhouette against the solid (but rough) background. It all sounded good to me, except - what in the world kind of material do those folks who got it to work use for their templates? It became very clear to me that, whatever  you use, it's going to be gosh-darned difficult to find something that will keep the paint from seeping under and yet won't ruin your collage when you peel it off. Here's what I got after that step was done:

As you can see, the silhouettes aren't crisp & clear like I wanted, because of the paint bleeding under the template. The flowers are the worst, because they were the last ones from which I removed the masks, and so the paint was a little more dry. Yet all the directions I read said to wait for the paint to thoroughly dry - which goes to show, don't believe everything you read on Pinterest! Fyi, the collage I used for a base is here. As for what I used for the templates - it doesn't matter, I can't think of anything that will really work. Long story.

To make the long story short, I'm glad I did this first in my art journal instead of wrecking the canvases I'd thought of using. I knew right away that I could save it by embellishing, and that's what art journalists do! First I "retouched" all of the paint smears and uneven lines to get this, which is what I'd hoped the first process would give me:

And from there I did more embellishing to get the "keeper" page spread at the top of this post. I really like the way the flowers in the middle turned out, so I'm filing that idea in the back of mind to develop as a design for cards, etc. in my Zazzle-sphere. But without the "masking" fail.  Let's finish with a close-up of the writing at the bottom of the completed spread:

Now, let's see what happens in 2013. PS: I make custom Treasure Maps for clients! See my EclecticaByJan Etsy shop for details :)

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