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Friday, October 26, 2012

Stunning wall clocks you won't find anywhere else!

Today I'm featuring wall clocks from Zazzle! They are great because they feature unique designs you won't find anywhere else, and you can customize them for a truly personal touch. Like the bright and cheerful personalized clock, perfect for young person's room:

See other Clocks
Speaking of kid stuff, here's a neat educational clock to help the young ones learn to tell time:
For the grown-ups, here's a striking modern design with a tasteful monogram you can easily customize:
Or, how about this stunning Southwestern pattern on your clock:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beautiful Custom Skateboard Decks, with the click of a mouse!

Why settle for a mass-produced skateboard when you can have one personalized with your name, or favorite saying - from Zazzle, of course. With a template-designed board, like the one below, it's easy: Just clear the template's placeholder text, and type on your own. You'll see the placeholder text disappear while yours magically takes its place!

With Zazzle's selection of literally thousands of skateboard decks by designers around the world, you have plenty to choose from. Here's a sample I picked of designs you probably won't see anywhere else (yes, the first and last ones are mine!)


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I just got a Bronze "Medal" !

Well, okay, it's not a medal - it's a badge. And an Internet type of badge at that. But it's still too cool not to show you ~

Yes, I've been elevated to the Bronze level of Zazzle pro-sellers, which means I've made over $1,000 in lifetime earnings by selling my designs on this huge (and hugely popular) print-on-demand site! So, YAY ME! You check out the designs that brought me this bit of "fame" at Jan4insight* Designs on Zazzle.

Monday, October 15, 2012

My cool "skully" design on an iPod case just SOLD at Zazzle!

The Day of the Dead celebrations in our beautiful Southwest inspired me to make this design for Halloween last year. I'm pleased to note that one nice customer has decided it's not just for Halloween. I'm sure she'll carry it with her every day, with her copy of this cool iPod Touch case:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Custom Dry-Erase Boards now available on Zazzle!

It may spell the end of the boring "white-board," but Zazzle's new, customizable dry-erase boards are just the thing to add a practical yet decorative touch to your kitchen, office, or mud room. They're available in several sizes and styles - including a version with built-in key hooks. Here are some of the best I've picked from the Zazzle marketplace:




If that last one looks familiar - yes, it's my popular Faded Aspens design from my Jan4insight* store!


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