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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer 2012 Intuitive Forecast: Remember The Rose

As we enter into this hot, record-breaking-temperatures Summer of 2012, take heart, dear readers: We're in the waning time of the year, and the days really are getting shorter! That means we're moving towards the cooler temps and crisper air of Fall - everyone's favorite season (mine, for sure). Since it's still a few months away, I've prepared this forecast of the summer energy-weather that will prevail over us, and it's not all that bad! It helps if we remember The Rose:

Original Artwork by Jan Burch

Where we are now, fellow-travelers, is The Gate. Summer's challenges are nothing but gateways to opportunity. However, being creatures of habit, we often tend to reject new opportunities when they arise. Just for this summer, though, try going through the Gate when an opportunity appears on your path. The prevailing energy will support you - and you can always go back through the gate if it doesn't work out.

Coming up ahead of us is The Bell. This is a way of being in the world that centers on attraction and attunement. What are you ringing in to your world this summer?

Our higher selves want us to pay attention to The Rose. This is the challenge of realizing perfection - not by attaining it through effort of will, but by allowing it to unfold of its own accord, naturally. If you must "do something" to bring about your vision of the way things should be, approach it like cultivating a beautiful rose in your garden: prepare the ground, plant it, water it. Then sit back and let the sunshine do its work. Yes, the Rose will bloom of its own accord - you don't have to force it! Relax. It's too hot to do anything else!

Major themes for this reading involve harmony and relationships. Even as we participate in all the ways we blend our energies with others, we still maintain our own sense of independent judgment. Centering on these energies will help you stay grounded when your fears try to put you out of balance. And if possible, seek the cooling, cleansing effects of water energy. Think rain! In its proper time and place, of course :)

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