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Saturday, May 19, 2012

5/20/2012 Solar Eclipse: the energy is The Lightning

If things seem a little acute these days, fellow-travelers, you might keep in mind that we have a big, honkin' Solar Eclipse coming up tomorrow evening. I've been feeling it quite strongly myself, partly because I live in beautiful Albuquerque, NM, which is supposed to be the spot to see this year's annular eclipse! And I've also experienced some rather critical events this past week, leading me to sit down with the cards and do a reading. I wasn't surprised with guides told me the energy for the solar eclipse is like The Lightning ~

The Lightning is critical energy that shakes things up, and it's where we are now. It's all good, though. Those acute events I went through last week shook up a lot of old baggage and stuff I don't need, and this time I really did get rid of it - leaving me free and ready to move on, feeling much lighter.

Coming up ahead of us is The Sword. This is the action of letting our actions truly express who we are. Free to be you and me, we can move through life finally letting our outer actions be congruent with our inmost selves.

Our higher natures want us to pay attention to The Chair. This is the gift of having executive ability - planning and evaluating, for example. It lets us find our own place, settle in our Chair, and feel comfortable in the world.

Helping at this time is The Ice, the mental attitude of clarity and cutting through excessive detail. We also can channel that critical energy to breaking The Chain that binds us, and learn to use our commitments as links that strengthen rather than restrict. Finally, we're asked to waddle through all of this naturally, letting the water roll off our backs with the energy of The Duck.

Major themes of this reading involve understanding resources, wants, and needs. We can take pleasure in our comforts as far as they serve us, but the real lessons are about choosing substance and quality over short-lived glitz. We'll also be wanting to express our creativity and get feedback from others. And by feedback, I mean validation and praise, not soul-shrinking criticism. Leave the critical energy up to The Lightning, while we go on to claim our natural authority and leadership.

I hope all who are in the eclipse path gets a chance to view this seldom-seen celestial beauty! Be sure to use eye protection to see it safely. There are lots of local viewing parties throughout the pathway, and many have the proper eyewear to protect your vision. A little searching on the Internet will give you lots of events and tips for a fun and safe solar eclipse, so enjoy!

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Kay Bostick said...

Albuquerque is definitely a place to witness amazing eclipses. I'm interested in those terms you mentioned because I've only heard of the meaning behind these symbols when it comes to predicting upcoming events. Thanks for sharing them.

Jan4insight said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kay. I had a an amazing view of the eclipse at my house, and I'll post the pictures in a day or so :)


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