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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 2012 energy forecast is The Circle

This month's energy forecast sees us coming out of that introspective shell we've been in - it's time to mix and mingle, dear readers. The energy for April 2012 is The Circle ~

The Circle is the gift of participation and unity. Starting with a sense of our own completeness, we beam our light outward to illuminate others. As they beam back to us, the light goes round and round until the whole circle - of family, friends, lovers, you name it - shines like One. Just as we each contain the whole within us, we each can serve as part of the Whole.

Major themes for this month include how we express ourselves to others and show off our creativity. There's a hint of needing validation and praise at this time. On a deeper level, we're able to claim our natural leadership and authority. By staying centered in the heart, we can become " powerful beyond measure."

Also this month, a welcome celestial event happens before the sun comes up: Mercury leaves its retrograde phase and goes Direct on April 4 at 4:11 am, Mountain Time. Those blocks and glitches that have hampered our communication and sense of forward motion will melt away in a few days' time. That's reason enough, in my opinion, to go riding on the energy of The Circle and find some like-minded others to participate with!

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