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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Equinox 2012: the energy forecast is The Rain

It's a few days into spring, which arrived on March 19 at 11:15 pm Mountain Time. My intuitive forecast for this year's Spring Equinox finds us taking a break and getting ready for a new start. It's the energy of The Rain:

The Rain is a state or external condition that surrounds us. It's about pausing to cleanse and wash away the old, knowing that a fresh start is possible once the clouds part. Because the rain sometimes looks like teardrops, there's a tinge of grief floating along with this archetypal energy. It's best not bottle up these feelings, should they come to you, but rather let them pass in a cleansing bath of tears. If you don't feel like singing in the rain, there's always crying the rain. Do what feels right in the moment.

Coming up ahead of us is The Swan. This energy represents the part of us that appears calm and collected, and it's made possible by honoring the path of the Rain - letting us float above our troubles just like the elegant swan floats along the still, calm lake.

Our higher selves want us to pay attention to The Gate. Here's a promise of opportunity, for the Gate is just that - the challenge of how we deal with new choices the universe presents to us. In a few weeks we'll start to see this principle in action. New pathways will open up, but it's up to us to decide whether or not to take them. You may find yourself hesitating at first, but know that the guides recommend that you at least go through the Gate and check out the landscape on the other side. You can always go back to your old path if you don't like what you see - have no fear, for the Gate swings both ways. It won't lock behind you.

Major themes for this reading involve each of us connecting with our personal environment, gathering information, and communicating with others. It's a good time to be social. There's also a theme of preparing for the next step, in which we'll apply or make use of the insights we gain in this cycle. Strong manifesting energy is present in these energies, peaking especially around April 11-12. Be careful what you ask for, and remember that the light can always be found - even in the darkest of circumstances. This reading is in effect now through the next cross-quarter day of Beltane on May 1.

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