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Monday, January 9, 2012

Year-Ahead Energy Forecast for 2012: Thunder in the Morning

Here it is, dear readers - the Big Year 2012 is upon us. Ever since some Mayan stonecarver ran out of room on the calendar (ha!), folks have been looking for big changes on the Earth plane during this year's journey around the Sun. Thankfully, most who pay attention to cosmic cycles have looked for a higher purpose to the transformation this year portends.

By my Star+Gate reading, 2012 will be a Year of Beginnings. That's exciting! It's also a year of power, hence the name for this reading is Thunder in the Morning ~

illustration (c) Jan Burch 2012

Behind us, we we've been aiming for The Star even as the light of Independence shines on us. Giddy like kids at a party, we allowed all this universal energy to impel us right into The Tunnel! Is it the star's light of fulfillment we see at the end? Perhaps, for we have completed a chapter and now we're ready to move on. Emerging from the dark and narrow passageway, we can use the Tunnel's gift of accessibility and inner connection to see what lies ahead. And we're not alone on this journey - The Jester's gift of honesty made gentle with humor is our boon companion. 

Ahead of us, The Lightning calls us to open our eyes on the dawn of a new day. The Morning's freshness inspires us to renew and refresh our dedication to our purpose. Once again, we're Reaching for another new vista, new goal, or new perspective. Take a quiet dip in The Pool when you need to recharge from all this going-forward.

Where we are now, dear readers, is expressed by the contemplative spirit of The Monk. It's time to be disciplined in walking your spiritual path. Helping is The Thunder, which alerts us to that Lightning that lies ahead. Pay attention to your gut feelings and premonitions - you'll know before it happens what's coming down the pike. And it's not time yet to harvest The Rose, dear readers. Our challenge of allowing perfection to unfold naturally is answered by The Leaf. Like those new seedlings you plant in the spring, the Leaf symbolizes growth and vitality - another form of new beginning.

We truly are at the start of a new cycle as 2012 takes its first baby steps of the year. Universal energies are impelling us to move forward and grow spiritually, while we're concerned about how others might see us. Even though lessons of use and misuse of power may present themselves, the major theme of this year will be Knowing and Expansion. Take a deep breath and draw in the ch'i, dear readers. This is the year to practice Living on the Earth while Being in Spirit.

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