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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is upon us, dear readers, having arrived at 9:50 pm Mountain time last night. It will be here until 4:03 pm on August 26. Since this astrological phenomenon always brings out the "Oh, noes!" among those who know, I'm reposting this from an earlier write-up that gives my best advice on how to survive Mercury Retrograde: 
This is a good time to take a break. We always dread Mercury Retrograde because when the planet of communication appears to go backwards, a lot of our plans get messed up. And it's true, we should be careful about taking on new ventures, because it's not an auspicious time to move forward. Also, always double-check on important emails, faxes, letters, etc. Expect some delays, especially towards the end of the cycle.

But if it's our attachment to plans that causes us grief during this time, well, lose the attachment! (You've heard the one about the Zen master who gave away his vacuum cleaner because it had too many attachments....groan.) Maybe you can't move forward during this time but you can rest and re-group. Here are some Good Things to do during Mercury Retrograde:

~take lots of naps ~watch a favorite old movie ~contact an old friend you haven't heard from in a while ~finish reading a good book, or complete an art, craft, or sewing project ~clean out your desk, a closet, or the garage ~get outdoors; putter around in your yard or take a walk and enjoy the day. 

Since these are some of my favorite activities - especially the naps! - I've actually begun to look forward to Mercury Retrogrades. It's like a spring break the Universe gives us three times a year. (It's also a good time for bodywork or a past-life reading; visit my website GeoGlowConsulting.com for information about my services.) And when we're rested and refreshed, we'll be able to move forward with renewed energy for the next phase the Universe brings to us.

I'll be back soon. Meanwhile, I'm going to take a nap..zzzzzz....

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