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Monday, August 1, 2011

August 2011 Energy: The Serpent's Challenge

The month of August 2011 is more than an ordinary month, dear readers! The 2nd of August brings us Lammas Day, our next cross-quarter, and a day to celebrate the harvest time of high summer. That evening, at 9:50 pm Mountain time, Mercury Retrograde takes place once again. This is the time, influenced by the apparent backward motion of the planet of communication, when more things than usual seem to wrong. So perhaps it's to be expected that the card-based communication I received from my guides centers on The Serpent ~

Where we are now, fellow-travelers, is The Serpent. This represents the challenge of facing your fears and going with what feels right within. Sometimes you have to confront what you know through instinct and cut through the natural tendency to bury innate knowledge that isn't convenient. On the plus side, the Serpent is an energy of power and transformation. Think of a snake shedding its skin - vulnerable and restless while the peeling-off takes place, then grown into the next phase of development as it discards what isn't needed and slides away.

Coming up ahead of us is The Wind, the challenge of adapting to changes. The way through this challenge is to be like a supple tree that sways in the wind, instead of stiffened old trunk that can break under the air pressure. Our higher selves want us to pay attention to The Morning - the gift of renewal. Within each of us is the capacity to "start over" again, bringing into being the freshness of a new day at any moment of the old.

Resolving this month's challenges requires the help of The Fog. At first it seems like a state of confusion, when everything is surrounded with a muffled gray blanket that dulls the senses and blocks our view. It's best to simply sit with the Fog until it lifts. Fog can, after all, feel cooling and refreshing after a long dry spell.

Also helping is The Knife - the act of cutting away what doesn't suit us. This can be anything from cleaning out a closet to discarding major habits and thought forms that are in our way. It's very appropriate, too, because the act of clearing out - your closet, garage, desk, etc. - is well-supported by Mercury Retrograde's energy. I often recommend such activities to my clients at this time, and undertake them myself. Hmm, I have this cluttered craft room that badly needs a clearing-out...

Major themes this month involve emotions and caring. It's a time to nurture ourselves by satisfying inner needs, which in turn makes us more able to connect and feel the power that comes from combining with others. Get in touch with yourself and your boundaries, then go out and practice some give and take. Mercury Retrograde ends on August 26 at 4:03 pm, so we'll have a few days at the end of the month to look back on these lessons and review how we've approached them.

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