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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Intuitive Forecast for June 2011: The Maiden and The Butterfly

The new month of June is at hand, dear readers, and it's a special month on the energy plane. In addition to the upcoming summer solstice, this June is bracketed by three lunar and solar eclipses! Eclipses (I'll the exact dates in a bit) always "amp up" the prevailing intuitive energy patterns, as well as help us to shake loose from old patterns and reinvigorate new growth. With that, I'll let my reading from the StarGate Cards reveal the intuitive-energy patterns we'll enjoy this month.

The prevailing energies for June 2011 are The Butterfly and The Maiden:

Where we are now, fellow travelers, is The Butterfly: light-hearted and carefree, we can nevertheless sense a new energy emerging from within. Meanwhile, the universe is sending us a Letter full of symbols and stories to be brought into reality. Pay attention to your dreams this month! 

Our foundational energies are the Tongue and the Circle. We've been given gifts that let us communicate effectively, as well as inspire participation with others. Perhaps we should put these gifts to good use, for example by gathering people together to protect and care for theEarth. At an energetic level, the resources, stability, and structure of earth symbols such as square shapes, ceramics, and yellow-tan colors, will give us a helpful grounding essence during these rapid-change times. 

Coming up ahead of us is the Glove, the attitude of expressing intention through actions, while at the same time accepting the assistance that comes to us. Even as we step into and claim our authenticity, we should know we don't have to go it alone! Helping us move into this future of give-and-take is the Maiden. Like the sweet little girl in the illustration, Maiden energy exemplifies the side of us that seeks the best for everyone. She symbolizes purity, beauty, and gentleness - yet at the core she remains uncompromised. A strong hand in a velvet glove, perhaps. 

The Maiden's goddess energy is perfect for attuning to the moon's cycles. 
Here are the dates and times (Mountain time zone) for the June/July eclipses: 
June 1 ~ Solar eclipse (new moon) in Gemini at 3:03 pm
June 15 ~ Lunar eclipse (full moon) in Sagittarius at 2:14 pm
July 1 ~ Solar eclipse (new moon) in Cancer at 2:54 am

All the major themes for this forecast involve relationships - partnerships, agreements, combining energy with others. As we examine our relationship with the Universe that birthed us all, we come into clarity regarding how we interact with others. If we use this time wisely, better and more peaceful relationships can be the gift of this month's eclipses.

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Ren said...

Beautiful, positive reading. I look forward to summer and all of its possibilities.

Jan4insight said...

Thank you, Ren :) It makes me happy to know that my forecasts can inspire people like you!


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