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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beltane to Solstice Forecast: the intuitive energy is The Wing

It's a cold and blustery Beltane in northern New Mexico, dear readers, but that just means we have more wind beneath our wings! And that's a good thing, because my intuitive forecast for now to the Summer Solstice gives us the prevailing energy of The Wing:

"Divine Wings" pattern by Jan Burch

Where we fellow-travelers are now is The Wing, which gives us the gift of inspiration and liberation - the ability to find inner freedom and inspire its release in others. Coming up ahead of us is The Child, our expression of new energy emerging within us. I have the feeling we'll be like toddlers exploring their world for the next several weeks; let's hope we activate some guiding parent energy to keep us from breaking things! 

Our higher selves want us to pay attention to The Chair, the executive gift of evaluation and positioning. If ever there was a time to find our proper place, this energy supports it. Perhaps as these spring winds settle down, we'll have found our place to put down roots when summer comes a-rollin' in.

Major themes for this reading involve connecting and comparing ourselves with our surroundings - including the planetary environment we depend upon for our life support - as well as refining our perceptions, analyzing information, and extending our work and service to the world. This might not be a bad time to educate ourselves about Global Climate Change and re-commit to doing all we can to reduce our personal impact on our Mother Earth. Just a simple step like recycling, or carrying a re-usable shopping bag would make a huge difference if we all did it! This forecast remains in effect to the Summer Solstice which will occur on June 21 at 11:17 am Mountain Daylight Time.

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