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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Equinox Forecast 2011: the prevailing energy takes The Cake

We've cycled over the Spring Equinox (at 5:21 pm Mountain time), dear readers, so no matter what you see outside your window, Spring in the northern hemisphere is officially here! My forecast for now through Beltane (May 1) shows that this may be a delicious time period - in fact, it takes The Cake:

Follow me on the steps to get there:

Where we are now is The Tree - the expression of maturity, shelter, and stability. Coming up ahead of us is The Fire, the element of passion, intensity, and creativity. Our higher selves want us go Inward, to clarify our needs and motives, even as we pay attention to The Cake - the fulfillment of I Want. Helping to restore balance to all of this is The Glove - the attitude of accepting assistance while letting the world know who you are through your everyday actions.

Yes, dear readers, it's all about the tension between I Have and I Want. While this basically is a focus on resources at levels - including comforts and pleasures - one does not have to look very far into the daily news to see the world being given more than a few wake-up calls about our collective disregard for the earth and her gifts. It's enough to remind us that someone once said,

Success is having what you want. Happiness is wanting what you have.

So once again, humanity is faced with an opportunity to choose: Will we own our fire, create for endurance and substance, and select a quality of life that allows us to be happily careful with the resources given us? 

The time is now. This forecast is in effect through May 1, with peak energy periods of April 4-5 and May 1 itself. And we're given a chance to look back on the lessons of the past from March 30 - April 23, when Mercury goes Retrograde! More on that in a future post :)

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