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Monday, February 28, 2011

Shamrocks A-Plenty at my Zazzle stores!

See more personalized gifts from Zazzle.

I finally discovered how to use the Zazzle flash panel to show off their great custom gifts, and since I was busy all weekend making stuff for St. Pat's Day, I thought I'd post it here and show it to you,d ear readers :) You can click on any picture to go to the product page - give it a try!

Btw, I made the shamrock designs at Colour Lovers, a design & share site I recently found. You can use that link to go to my profile page there, but I must warn you: Colour Lovers is highly addictive! You may need to call someone for an intervention, lol.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Contemporary boutique appeal in a downtown Vancouver hotel

The Loden, a downtown Vancouver hotel with contemporary boutique appeal, is already legendary for its classic yet modern environment. Its urban amenities  are expertly tailored for chic leisure and significant business travel.  Inspired by the area's dynamic mountains, the Loden is designed to meet all your needs, offering a full service business center, a 24-hour fitness studio, meeting space, a savvy support staff and easy access to major corporations and creative business centers. Leisure travelers are invited to indulge at the hotel spa, and venture to numerous attractions including museums, galleries, restaurants and shopping just steps from our doorway. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Notable Quote: Last Place First

This "last place first" philosophy of ours is unconventional, and it occasionally provokes criticism; but sometimes there is simply no other alternative. If an organization like the CAI doesn't leapfrog directly into such places, another generation or two of girls will have lost the opportunity to attain literacy. In addition to these practical considerations, however, there's another reason we do things this way - one that has little to do with pragmatism. ... The folks who live at the end of the road are among the most resilient  and  the most resourceful human beings you will ever meet. They possess a combination of courage, tenacity, hospitality and grace that leaves me in awe.

What I have also discovered over the years is that with just a little bit of help, such people are capable of pulling off astonishing things - and in doing so, they sometimes establish a benchmark for the rest of us. When ordinary human beings perform extraordinary acts of generosity, endurance, or compassion, we are all made richer by their example. Like the rivers that flow out of the Karakoram and the Hindu Kush, the inspiration they generate washes down to the rest of us. It waters everyone's fields.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Highlights in Cell Culture

Cell culture highlights:

Embryonic stem cells and iPS cells 

These cells have the potential for unlimited expansion with the retention of normal karyotype and the ability to generate cells of all three germ layers. Because of this, they have been proposed for use in for drug screening and toxicity and as a tool to study cellular and developmental biology. 

Hematopoietic stem cells 

These are found in a variety of tissues through development.  Hematopoietic cells are able to differentiate into all terminally differentiated cells found in the blood. 

Stemcell Technology provides specialized media for the culture and differentiation of these and other stem cell types.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LOLs 4 U: Best Kitchen Tip EVAH

white trash repairs - Brilliant In Its Simplicity
see more There I Fixed It

I haven't posted many here, but I check the FAIL Repairs (aka Kludges) part of ICHC every day. And sometimes I get a good idea for my kludgy household. Now, where are my binder clips ...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

LOLs 4 U: Egypt KItteh now CAN has Democracy!

political pictures - Egyptian Protests
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Congratulations to the people of Egypt! My your unified and peaceful resistance become the 21st-century "shout" heard 'round the world!

K, thx as always to Icanhascheezburger.com :)

Notable Quote: Why do we need borders?

Borders in general are a source of difficulty as well as a pointless labor for government bureaucrats, not to mention anguish for the pople who wish to cross them, or who do cross them only to find misery different from the kind they fled. Whenever I hear yet another news report about the nonsensical contortions, both semantic and political, of our government in its attempts to legislate immigration, I wonder why we need borders at all. This may sound patently absurd, given the state of the world. It would take a planetary revolution of the most drastic kind to undo our system of nation states and border controls. I am aware of that. And yet the national borders in Europe and Africa, for example, are a relatively recent development, when seen in the vast trail of human history. There is the added irony that at a time when Europe is relaxing the notion of strict borders - witness the European Union and the attendant ease of crossing borders - the United States is busy building fences and deploying armed guards.
As practically absurd as a borderless world might sound, it is equally absurd that certain residents of a place should be "legal" and others "illegal." Besides "illegal" people, borders make possible invasions, occupations, detentions, prisons, and so many other evils. Why shouldn't people come and go freely on the face of the earth? At least as freely as money and corporate investments, which are rarely detained at borders.

~ Lynn Sharon Schwartz,  Not Now, Voyager     

Monday, February 7, 2011

LOLs 4 U: Positive Thinking Kitteh

funny pictures - I think I can...
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This little guy is such an inspiration on Monday morning! Thx as always to the cheezburger.com folks for keeping the kittehs coming :) K, bai.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Forecast for Imbolc to Spring Equinox 2011: the SERPENT and the BELL

Happy New Year of Rabbit! The Chinese year of the Rabbit starts today, dear readers, and it's right on the heels of yesterday's Imbolc - also known as Candlemas and (of course) Ground Hog Day. So it's doubly auspicious to look now at the prevailing energy patterns I'm forecasting for this cross-quarter* period of Imbolc to Spring Equinox. And the guidance I get from my Star+Gate cards speaks of:
 The Serpent and The Bell ~ 

Illustration (c) 2011 by Jan Burch

Where we are now, fellow-travelers, is the Bell: We express ourselves through attraction and attunement, as well by being alert. What are we heralding as this icy winter (in the northern hemisphere, at least ;) loosens its grip on the way to spring?

Coming up for us is the Egg, the expression of that potential which is developing with us. We sense its presence but it still lies enclosed, so even as we prepare for it, we keep in mind that it is fragile. Protect it until it is fully formed. The energy ahead of us is the Monk, the disciplined and meditative part of ourselves, who will guide us Inward to clarity and self-awareness. 

The Serpent helps us to resolve this pattern by reminding us to face our fears while confronting what we know deep within. Helping us navigate this sometimes-daunting path is the Earth: stay close to her, and keep yourself grounded!

Major themes for this forecast period involve satisfying our inner needs, feeling secure, and emotions in general. We will also focus on partnerships, agreements, and all the ways we combine energies. This is the time to get in touch with our personal boundaries, to exercise independent judgment, and to stay in harmony so we do not allow fear to put us out of balance. This forecast remains in effect until the Spring Equinox on March 20, when I'll be back with another cross-quarter forecast.

Would you like to have a personal reading of your energy cycles? My readings will help shine the light to illuminate your path! Order an online reading at: EclecticaByJan.etsy.com. For more information about the full range of my intuitive services, visit my website at GeoGlowConsulting.com.

* What's a cross-quarter? It's about one-eighth of the year, using the archetypical calendar found in many traditional communities around the world. Quarter days are the celestial dividing points of the year: Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice. Cross-quarter days are the midpoints between them: Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and All Hallows. These terms come from the Celtic/NeoPagan usage.

What I Found: "Clean all the Things!" double sided T-shirt from Zazzle.com

Clean all the Things! double sided T-shirt from Zazzle.com

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Looking for Business Cards? Check out my new designs at Zazzle

 Need some business cards? I've added some crisp, colorful new designs to my business card collection at Zazzle! They're bright and eye-catching, easy to customize with your business info, and several have space for your picture or logo. Not only do you get a nice discount if you order two or more packs of 100, but you can also get 35% off your order with this discount code: 35OFFBIZCARD - it's good through March 31st.

What are you waiting for! Btw, Zazzle has now become my go-to place for ordering my own business cards - and not just because I'm the designer, lol. I appreciate their quality and fast service, and of all the sites I've looked, this is the one where what I see on the screen most closely matches the finished product when I hold it in my hand! To prove it, here's a picture of me showing off my Zazzle cards at a fall craft show:

The apron also comes from Zazzle. I figured, if I'm going to wear at an apron at a craft fair (they're so handy with big pockets for your monies and other stuffs ;) why not put my logo on it as well?? It's such a great idea (and such a great apron), that I made a template so you can design yours, too! There, now you're all set for the season's craft shows to come!


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