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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What is Quality Management Software?

Quality management software helps produce better products. A company using this software will be able to monitor and report on every aspect of their process. For example, a manufacturer would have raw product testing as a key software component, ensuring that inferior materials are kept out of the manufacturing stream. The quality management software would also test products to particular standards and report on the results, as well as a software module that could report on the supplier-related costs of poor quality. 

From there, testing and reporting enables the company to have a feedback loop allowing them to monitor and improve their process or product. This is called continuous improvement, and it is a fundamental management concept that the software is designed to support. 


Anonymous said...

Good evening..visiting from the Etsy forum. Reading your post takes me back to work. 25 years in manufacturing, lost my job 2 years ago..economy,,I worked as a Value Stream Manager...your post sounded very familiar!

Have a great night.

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