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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice 2010: the prevailing energy is The Lamp

The Sun returns to us today, dear readers! That's right, Winter Solstice occurs today at 4:39 pm, Mountain Time. I have looked into my guidance from the Star+Gate Cards and learned that the prevailing energy is The Lamp ~
Like the warm glow of the returning winter sun, The Lamp reminds us to access our accumulated Understanding and Wisdom for the benefit of all. This energy is the fulfillment of I Become, and arriving as it does at this time of the Winter Solstice, it calls us to look back over the previous 12 months and put this year's lessons into practice.
Emphasized with this reading is the theme of work and service. How do we make use of our energy in the kinds of work and service we perform? This will be an auspicious time to access healing qualities and refine what we express to the world. We will also be able to see the truth clearly, and therefore will not be easily fooled!
The reading is in effect through Lammas Day, February 2, 2011. A peak in the theme-of-service energy occurs on Christmas Day, December 25, and lasts through the 26th. Therefore, why not include a gift of service in yur Christmas plans - there are so many opportunities, beginning with the home, the family, the neighborhood, and to the wider world at large. Service in Spirit to others always repays itself 10-fold (though usually in a way you cannot predict or expect :) Here's wishing you and yoursa Happy Solstice and a joyous holiday season!

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