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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Three Years of Blogging: A New Avatar, my own YouTube channel, and some Dancin' in the Streets

Amidst the between-holidays hustle & bustle, I remembered that today (or maybe it was yesterday) is officially Three Years since I started this blog! Maybe that's why I suddenly got a wild urge to create a new avatar and change my look on all my sites ~

I made her using a web app thingy I found - and yes, she does kinda sorta look like me!  Or maybe she's how I wish I looked - I'm not usually that sleek-looking ;) But the gray hair and the cheekbones are accurate, and it definitely expresses my persona with the 60's-ish Peace & Love shirt, and the outer-space background!

As shown in my previous post, I have a brand-new YouTube channel of my very own. I created it as a way of displaying some of my sequential artworks, such as the journal pages in my first video. I have ideas for more vids to come, but they need time to get made and all that. For now I've found another use for my channel: I no longer need to clutter up my browser bar with bookmarks for miscellaneous videos - I can just use my YouTube account and like, like them :)

Which also gives me a great way to celebration my Three Year Blog-iversary: We need some dancin' in the streets! And to echo the 60's outer-space theme, here's a version with Mick Jagger AND David Bowie. Hubba hubba!

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