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Friday, December 31, 2010

Intuitive Forecast for 2011: It's time to take off The Mask

It's almost 2011 - Happy New Year, one and all! On this last day of the old year (already! where does the time go?) I've spoken with my guidance through the Star+Gate cards, and developed this intuitive reading to forecast the psychic energy-weather for the coming year:

It's time to take off The Mask ~

original photo/edit © Jan Burch 2010

But before I get to the current reading, let me recap the previous two years; there may be a trend here: The 2009 reading foretold a very serious year, with challenges and lessons about claiming our own power, in order to face our fears. Hey, wasn't there a recession or something going then? When the 2010 reading came along, although the seriousness continued, we saw the winds of change coming to break up the old pattern. Like little butterflies, we were at last able to spread our wings and do some flitting about. I hope it's true for you, too, dear readers - because I'm feeling much better about things in my life now than I've been for a while. What a long, strange trip it's been!

But enough of that! Let's see how to get to the future from where we are now: 

Right now, we're paused somewhere on The Ladder of upward motion. The climb out of the old pattern has been step-by-step, but we are steadily going higher to the source. Our issue, and our focus, is that Tower we see rising in the distance. A harbinger of naturally-unfolding change, the Tower calls us to pause and reflect on where we've been, then focus our attention on the road ahead. It helps to have a good Mirror for self-reflection, to clarify our motives and know just what it is that we're all about. However, don't get so distracted you start going around in a Circle, dear traveler. That Circle of peers is fine in its place, but you really must trod your own path this time around. If you have trouble finding your way, let the solid Stone of your integrity tell you: Go with what feels right within.

Ahead of us, we'll be searching with The Wanderer, ever seeking and discovering as we explore the braided channels of our next stage on the journey. The Star of Indecision overlights this stretch of the road - so it's okay to sit still and do nothing! At a brighter level, this universal energy calls us to take part in the dance of Yin and Yang, of activity and quiet, of giving and receiving, of mixing it up to bring forth the new. The goddess-given energy of The Maiden can help us here. Our new focus will be The Field, that place were we can run free and truly explore all the possibilities and potentials of what is to be. Of course, as long as we're out there standing in our Field, we must also be truly willing to seen. Thus it's important to, once and for all, take off The Mask and stop hiding the beautiful light that glows within.

Major themes for this year involve confronting our limitations while accepting the truth. Dealing with authority - both within self, among ourselves - will likely form the catalyst for this growth. As the year progresses, we will find way to access the light and let it shine, even in the darkest situation. Strong manifesting energy prevails this year, so (as always) be thoughtful about what you wish to bring into form. The arc of this energy pattern builds throughout the year; we'll really start to notice it more in mid-June and follow it to a crest in the last weeks of December.

Happy New Year once again to all my readers, followers, friends, and fellow-travelers!

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RhiannonSTR said...

Yes - the mask needs to be removed!!
Great idea to do a general reading for 2011 - wishing you the best year also!


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