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Monday, December 27, 2010

Closing a Journal, Creating a Video

I "closed" a visual journal yesterday, more or less - I don't know if these evolving creations are ever really closed. But, with the book literally closed I can't see my artwork :( so in puzzling over that problem, I ventured into the world of video. The result: I now have my very own YouTube channel, and the book became my first video! Here it is:

I described the journal book really well on the video notes, so I'm repeating it here, because I know you probably won't click the little thingy on the YouTube page to see all of the notes ;) But I do hope you'll watch the video, and maybe even leave a comment for me!

I began this journal in January 2009. The title DATE LOG comes from the base book itself: it's a desk calendar for 2009 that I received in the mail, one of those freebies they send out to get you to buy promo items for your business, ha ha.

I loved working in this book for several reasons: The feel of the paper, the built-in interesting background from the calendar pages themselves, and the size. At 10" x 14" opened, the page spreads were a comfortable size for me to work in.

As I progressed through my journaling processes, it became apparent that I could "finish" the book (at least, fill in all the calendar pages; there are still some note pages unworked at the end) by the end of 2010. The symmetry of completing a book in almost exactly two years appealed greatly me, so I pushed ahead and did it. After that, the need to have a way to enjoy the book easily led me to YouTube and creating this, my first, video :)

Btw, the pretty music on the video is "Night Spirit" by Tim Gardner, from YouTube's Audioswap feature. I didn't think it was there - it took a really long time to add - but it is! Enjoy :)

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