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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Great Gift Idea: I'll Turn Your Crappy Photo into Something Beautiful!

Here's a great gift for Mom, Dad, favorite aunt, or your BFF - let me transform one of your well-loved but less than exciting photos into a thing of beauty! I can take your photo image (JPEG, please) and transform it into a beautiful digital painting! If you order now, you'll have the finished digital file back in time to get it printed for the holidays :)

It's easy order this special service product from my Etsy shop, and with my ongoing coupon code, you'll get 11% off this plus anything else from my shop through Nov. 30! Just enter the coupon code 11PCTTONOV30 at checkout.

Here are some samples of "before" and "after" from my own work:

Imagine how delighted your loved ones will be when they see their favorite photo transformed into a display-worthy piece of art! Order now so you'll get the discount, and have your treasure ready for Christmas giving :)

I'm also pleased to link this post to the Saturday Blog Shoppers crew.  Please visit these other fine Etsy shopkeepers HERE, and check out their special offers!


Kristin Aquariann said...

Lovely transformations! Thanks for stopping by my art and tree chatter blog. Good luck on your Saturday Blog Shopper sale, too!

LadieJaye and Elegance Boutique said...

Beautiful transformations!!! I love the kitty cat one!

Catalina Calderon said...

love the photo art. glad to find your blog on Etsy.


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