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Friday, November 5, 2010

From the Leaf to the Harp: Intuitive Forecast for November 2010

As we settle into November, dear readers and fellow-travelers, let's take a look at the psychic-energy patterns for this month:

The two prevailing energies are the Leaf and the Harp. Despite the fading leaves of autumn in the outside world (at least in the northern hemisphere), this Leaf promises new energy emerging from within us. Like the tender Leaf that is planted in spring, it requires nurturing and care to come to fruition. And a good way to care for this Leaf is to play your Harp, which is your gift of being able to create harmony.

Bridging these two qualities, and thus completing the circuit, is the Star of Laugh. This is exuberant, expressive, playful energy. If you can't cast away all of the worries and concerns filtering in from the outside world, at least find the humor in your situation and laugh your way through it.

Dominant themes for this month involve feelings, self-expression, and refinement. Why not get started on crafting your plans for the holidays to come, for example. As we move into the peak timing of this cycle, from November 23 to 29, we will find ourselves claiming our own natural authority and leadership, as well as looking to turn this inner satisfaction outward into work and service for the world.

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