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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Great Gift Idea: I'll Turn Your Crappy Photo into Something Beautiful!

Here's a great gift for Mom, Dad, favorite aunt, or your BFF - let me transform one of your well-loved but less than exciting photos into a thing of beauty! I can take your photo image (JPEG, please) and transform it into a beautiful digital painting! If you order now, you'll have the finished digital file back in time to get it printed for the holidays :)

It's easy order this special service product from my Etsy shop, and with my ongoing coupon code, you'll get 11% off this plus anything else from my shop through Nov. 30! Just enter the coupon code 11PCTTONOV30 at checkout.

Here are some samples of "before" and "after" from my own work:

Imagine how delighted your loved ones will be when they see their favorite photo transformed into a display-worthy piece of art! Order now so you'll get the discount, and have your treasure ready for Christmas giving :)

I'm also pleased to link this post to the Saturday Blog Shoppers crew.  Please visit these other fine Etsy shopkeepers HERE, and check out their special offers!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lily of the Valley iPhone Case: Vintage Floral in a Modern Way!

I love combining "ancient" and "modern" - it's been a theme I return to again and again. This example starts with a vintage picture of Lily of the Valley flowers, found HERE courtesy of  *The Graphics Fairy* blog. Here's what I made with it:
Lily of the Valley iPhone3G case speckcase
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Yes, with the magic of computer designing and the introduction of Zazzle's new product line - iPhone and iPad cases - I was able to take this lovely vintage into the 21st Century. How cool is that!  Plus, I've had two sales so far on these cases, which is double cool :)

This lovely floral also looks nice with a soft purple background, as shown below, and it's easy to personalize with your initials. Stay tuned for more of my Lily of the Valley products, because after the holidays I'll be posting a wedding collection, too!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hug Yourself, Smile and Breathe - a holiday stress-buster with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Have You Hugged Yourself Today?

With the holidays approaching, our stress levels rise along with our excitement. As a pre-holiday gift, here's a simple, self-help exercise from the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu that you can do any time to help yourself feel more grounded, centered, and energized. It's called "the Big Hug" and it looks like this:

Begin by sitting comfortably upright. Extend your hands with the thumbs upwards, and your fingers held horizontally together.  Now cross your hands in front of your chest, and then tuck your fingers into your armpits. Your thumbs should be on the front of your body, as shown in the left view of the photo below:

 The basic position is shown in the left view. If this is uncomfortable for you, modify the position as shown in the right view.

That's it! You may remain in this position for as long as you like. By doing this gentle hold, you are connecting all of the body's major subtle-energy flows. Sitting in this pose spreads total harmony and vitality throughout your being. If the basic hand position described above is uncomfortable for you, you can modify it as shown on the right in the illustration.

When you feel at ease with this sitting posture, you can deepen the practice by becoming aware of your breath. Mary Burmeister, the founder of Jin Shin Jyutsu in the West, has said, "We come into this world with an exhalation, to clear and empty us, so that we can receive. We never 'take' a breath. We 'receive' a breath."

While you are sitting in your Big Hug position, simply count 36 breaths. Begin by counting on the exhale: inhale, exhale - one; inhale, exhale - two; inhale, exhale - 3; and so on. Don't try to change or force your breath; just allow it to unfold naturally. If you lose count, you can either start again, or you can continuing sitting peacefully without the counting.
Counting to 36 represents a complete cycle of the body's fundamental rhythms. You can also do the count in four cycles of nine. Try this both ways, and see which works best for you. Practicing the breath-count, over time, will help your breathing become naturally deeper and more rhythmic.

After you spend some time sitting in the Big Hug posture and counting your breaths, you'll be feeling so good that you'll want to smile. Self-care should never be a rigid, serious endeavor. One thing we all need to remember is to lighten up. So let those mouth corners turn upwards, and show the world your peaceful, happy face!

One of my favorite teachings from Mary Burmeister is, "Be the smile." In fact, I often put this message on my voice mail! When I regularly practice self-help exercises like the Big Hug, "being the smile" is easy.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an art of subtle-energy balancing for the body, mind, and spirit.  It is being used by thousands of people, all over the world, to harmonize their energies and improve their well-being. As a practitioner of this art, I provide private sessions with individual clients to help them relieve stress, gain vitality, and meet the challenges of daily life in way that centered, grounded, and collected.

Jan Burch is the Albuquerque-based owner/practitioner of Geo-Glow Consulting, offering Feng Shui consultations, intuitive readings, and vibrational healing with Jin Shin Jyutsu. Visit her website at www.GeoGlowConsulting.com

Sunday, November 14, 2010

How do you like my Vintage Cuties from Zazzle.com?

I finally got around posting one of my "utility" images as works of art in itself! Below you will see my Vintage Cuties image in three forms - a poster, an ornament, and mug. Aren't they sweet? Click the previous link to see more! I made this nostalgic digital painting from a vintage photo shown here, courtesy of the Graphics Fairy. Thank you, Karen!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Notable Quote: The Ecstatic Red Fairy

...The wild and ecstatic night-long celebrations marking the anniversary of the saint's death were almost a compendium of everything of which Islamic puritans most disapprove: loud Sufi music and love poetry was being sung in every courtyard, men were dancing with women,  hashish was being smoked, huge numbers were venerating the tomb of a dead man, and all were routing their petitions through the saint, rather than directly to God in the mosque.

"These mullahs are just hypocrites," said one old fakir I talked to in the shrine. "Without love, they distort the true meaning of the teaching of the Prophet. They are just interested in themselves. They should all be jailed for life."

The old fakir ... was adamant that there were two things I should not miss when I visited Sehwan Sharif. The first was the daily dhammal, or devotional dance to the saint, which took place each evening at sunset, after the end of Magrib prayers. The other, he said, was a famous lady fakir who lived in the shrine, and was said to be the most passionate of all the saint's devotees. Her name, he said, was Lal Peri Mastani, or the Ecstatic Red Fairy. I asked how I would find her amid the crowds.

"Don't worry," replied the fakir. "Everyone knows Lal Peri. And anyway she is unmistakable."

"In what way?" I asked.

"She is dressed in bright red, is very fat, and she carries a huge wooden club."

Friday, November 5, 2010

From the Leaf to the Harp: Intuitive Forecast for November 2010

As we settle into November, dear readers and fellow-travelers, let's take a look at the psychic-energy patterns for this month:

The two prevailing energies are the Leaf and the Harp. Despite the fading leaves of autumn in the outside world (at least in the northern hemisphere), this Leaf promises new energy emerging from within us. Like the tender Leaf that is planted in spring, it requires nurturing and care to come to fruition. And a good way to care for this Leaf is to play your Harp, which is your gift of being able to create harmony.

Bridging these two qualities, and thus completing the circuit, is the Star of Laugh. This is exuberant, expressive, playful energy. If you can't cast away all of the worries and concerns filtering in from the outside world, at least find the humor in your situation and laugh your way through it.

Dominant themes for this month involve feelings, self-expression, and refinement. Why not get started on crafting your plans for the holidays to come, for example. As we move into the peak timing of this cycle, from November 23 to 29, we will find ourselves claiming our own natural authority and leadership, as well as looking to turn this inner satisfaction outward into work and service for the world.

Would you like to have a forecast of your personal energy cycles? My intuitive readings will help answer your questions and illuminate your path - and are now available by e-mail!. For information and to request a reading,  click here, or send a message to burchjan@gmail.comVisit my website www.GeoGlowConsulting.com for more information about my intuitive services.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guest Post: More on The Healing Power of Animals

From Shirley Scott of www.animaltalkhealing.com:


Last month I talked about the lessons animals can teach us. When I was down in Yuma a couple of weeks ago visiting my mom and attending my dad’s memorial, I watched my mom’s friends, who are between the age of 70 and 90 and it was amazing. Most of these snowbirds have some kind of pet – usually a small dog but many have cats and some have birds. Watching the bonding and healing affect these animals have on the seniors was incredible!

So this month I would like to list some of the effects an animal can have on a human:

Researchers have found a pet can reduce blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol; lower triglyceride levels; alleviate stress and depression and all of these things reduce doctor visits.   They are finding out infants are less likely to get allergies later in life if they are raised with a dog or cat. There is also anecdotal evidence suggesting dogs can detect bladder cancer and predict seizures.   There are programs that show even dolphins will adjust their behavior if they sense a disability in a person swimming with them. Emotionally disturbed teens and adults seem calm and understanding when
they are riding horses.

Most of the time, pets bring out a nurturing and protective side of ourselves, and I have personally witnessed this in the prison with the inmates and dogs. Humans are touched by the companionship and cuddling and the unwavering loyalty of an animal.

I believe we are supposed to connect with animals on a deeper level. Susan Chernak McElroy, author of All My Relations: Living with Animals as Teachers and Healers states, “Basically we’re the same people in our brains as we were 125,000 years ago.  Back then animals were everything to us – food, shelter, clothing, spiritual relatives.”  Her theory is that the humans who successfully understood animals and who were enmeshed with the natural world managed to survive over people who weren’t. 

A few days before my dad passed, he told my mom he saw dogs in the hallway of the care center.  Many were sitting by the wheelchairs of their owners. It brought tears to my eyes to think my dad was seeing these loving spirits who were waiting patiently for their owners to cross so they could be together again. 

So give your pet a big hug and kiss and know they are doing healing work on you all the time. Honor them as a gift from the Universe to help us survive.


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