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Monday, October 11, 2010

Let the Feng-Shui Power of Place Boost your Well-Being

Think you don't need to know about Feng Shui? Take this simple check-up: Have you ever experienced being out for the day, feeling great, enjoying life - and then you return home, or  perhaps to your office - and you instantly feel tired, irritable, or "down?" 

This can be a problem if the place that's "bringing you down" is your home - after all, you live there!  Do you fall asleep the minute you sit in your favorite chair, have a room you can't stand to be in, or simply feel that, nice as your home is, it could a lot better?  If you spend enough time in these "downer" environments, you'll start feeling permanently down.

That's the bad news.  Fortunately, these problems can be reversed, so that your home becomes a refreshing place of lightness, harmony, and joy.  Clearly, it's better for your health and overall well-being to feel good about being home.  The good news is, there's a practice that brings life energy into your space, which automatically enhances your well-being.  The art of Feng Shui is that practice. 

Feng Shui is so well-accepted in the Eastern cultures that few businesses in commercial centers such as Hong Kong or Singapore would consider opening without a Feng Shui consultation.

The term Feng Shui comes from the Chinese, and it means "wind and water."  Dating back at least 3,000 years, Feng Shui has been defined as "the Chinese art of placement."  Despite the Chinese name, arts of placement have been practiced all over the world, including here in the Southwest. For this reason, I like to think of Feng Shui as the art of creating a harmonious environment.  In other words, the power of place.

Here are some basic tools used in Feng Shui to enhance the power of your place by bringing life energy into your home:

Placement:  It's true: where you put your couch, your bed, even your pictures can make a big difference in the way life energy flows through your home.  For example, too much furniture placed too close gives the room a cramped, restricted feel, while an arrangement that is too sparse can leave the room feeling cold and uninviting.  A balanced placement gives the room a welcoming yet serene feeling.

Color Balance: We all know that colors affect us.  Warm colors like red and orange make us feel ... warm.  Cool colors like blue and green are calming.  The colors you use at home for everything from walls to floors to furniture to accessories will have a big effect on the way you feel.  An easy way to refresh the color energy of your room is by changing accessories such as pillows, throws, pictures, and plants.

Special Features:  Many of you know that fountains, wind chimes, plants, and mirrors are a big - and fun - part of Feng Shui.  Each feature has its own job to do in attracting life energy.  While placing special features is an art, here's a simple way to get started:  Cover a side table with a pretty cloth in an appealing color.  Place in the center of the table:  a plant, an attractive figurine, and a candle.  Light the candle, sit where you can comfortably view your display, and spend a few minutes enjoying your new flow of life energy.

Once you've experienced this refreshing energy flow, you'll want to take it further.  There are many resources available with information about Feng Shui: a recent Google search brought in over 24 million results!  If these choices seem overwhelming, a professional consultant can help you select the best option for you.  Happy harmonizing!
Jan Burch is the owner of Geo-Glow Consulting, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Her Feng Shui practice offers holistic energy balancing for home, office, and self.  For more information about her consulting service and holistic practice, visit her website at www.GeoGlowConsulting.com.

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