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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Adapting to Change: Intuitive Forecast for All Hallows to Winter Solstice

All Hallows, the final cross-quarter day of the year, is upon us, dear readers. I have consulted with my guides through the Star+Gate cards to prepare this forecast for now through the Winter Solstice, and I see that we're being called to adapt to Change. Are you prepared to bend and flex, like a tree that sways in the Wind

That is good, because those are the trees that last the longest! Let's see what the cards have to say:

The reading finds us thrust forward on our path with all the firmness of the Rod, only to be greeted by the universal energy of Change. The Windreminds us to bend a little; surrender to destiny, perhaps; but always make way for growth and progress. How did we get here?

Before we came to this part of the cycle, we had the gift of putting our ideas and dreams into form. Remember, a dream is an unopened Letter to oneself! If you have any unopened dreams lying around, fellow-traveler, this is the time to get them out and re-examine them!

In the recent past, we may have been stung by the thorns of the Rose - especially the perfectionists among us! The key to letting this energy into your life is to allow the perfection to unfold naturally, rather than forcing it. Think of it as planting a garden - prepare the ground, plant the seed, water and nurture, and the Rose will blossom in its own time, of its own accord. 

Now, fellow-travelers, we are gazing at the Moon, filled with longing, yet feeling ourselves magnetized with the ability to draw to us what we need. Goddess energy flows all around us, making this a good time to understand cycles and become close to nature.

Ahead of us, the ripening Cherry beckons with her energy of involvement. Like the ripening fruit, we are each becoming ready to break out of the shell and share our gifts with the world. Coming from a place of inner completeness, this new approach will be one of gifts being offered to others - instead of grasping need, lack, or want.

To help us through this cycle, fellow-travelers, we are given the star of Hope. Always remember that any Block along your path can be resolved and transformed into a stepping stone if you put your mind to it. Finally, the energy of the Sword calls us to make our actions consistent with who we are inside. How else is the world to know us? But, knowing the power of this energy, please use with discretion!

Major themes of this forecast involve relationships and perceptions. If we can learn about the power of combining with others, it will be through the lessons and give and take. Underneath it all lies the search for what is really true, and how this reconciles with what we truly value and believe. Even as we accept our destiny, we can begin to create the new destiny - and do so in harmony with the divine perspective!

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