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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's the Autumn Equinox, with the energy of The Sword

Everyone's favorite season is about to start, dear readers - the Autumn Equinox officially happens tonight, at 9:09 pm Mountain Time.

I Dream of Mountain Meadows © Jan Burch 2010

I've pulled a few cards from the Star+Gate cards to see what psychic energies will prevail during the next several weeks. We are given:

The Sword ~ The attitude of self-expression through major action, balanced by discernment, artfulness, and timing

The Bell ~ Attracting and attuning. What are you calling into your life right now?

The Star of Laugh ~ Humor, playfulness, and vitality made visible. This is not a time to second-guess oneself; let your worries fall away and just do it!

If you're thinking this sounds like a lot going on, dear reader, you are right. This is a high-energy time full of forward motion. The trick will be to use that Sword wisely and well - otherwise, you might fall upon it. But even then, help it not far away: simply ring that Bell. And when you've gotten over your drive to let that Inner You stand up and shine, refine and channel your beautiful energy into service to the world. Always with a Laugh and smile, of course :)

I'll have another energy reading for us on the next cross-quarter day, which will be October 31: Halloween - All Hallows - Day of the Dead. It's another stop on the year's endless cycle of waxing and waning, and it's all good.

Would you like to have a forecast of your personal energy cycles? My intuitive readings will help answer your questions and illuminate your path - and are now available by e-mail!. For information and to request a reading,  click here, or send a message to burchjan@gmail.comVisit my website www.GeoGlowConsulting.com for more information about my intuitive services.


Anonymous said...

Vere gracious! What a way to start my day. Thank you, Jan. Keep it up!

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