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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Go Vote: Here are your early voting dates by State

Most states are starting up their early voting this month; some have already begun. With thanks to Spedwybabs at DailyKos, here is a list of early votes dates for each state:

State                   Early Voting Dates             
Alaska                       begins 10/18 
Alabama                   No Early Voting 
Arizona                     Early Vote by Mail Ballots go out 10/7 
Arkansas                  10/18-11/1 
California                  begins 10/4
 Colorado                   10/18-10/29 
Connecticut               No Early Voting 
Delaware                  No Early Voting 
DC                             10/18- 4:45 pm 11/1 
Florida                      10/18-10/31 
Georgia                      9/20-10/29 
Hawaii                        10/18-10/30 
Idaho                         Early Voting 
Illinois                       10/11-10/28 
Indiana                      10/4-noon 11/1 
Iowa                           began 9/23 
 Kansas                       10/13-11/1 
Kentucky                      No Early Voting 
Louisiana                     10/9-10/26 
Maine                           No Early Voting 
Maryland                     10/22-10/28 
Massachusetts             No Early Voting 
Michigan                      No Early Voting 
Minnesota                    {absentee ballots available 9/17} 
Mississippi                   No Early Voting 
Missouri                        No Early Voting 
Montana                      Early Voting set by county 
Nebraska                    begins 9/28 
Nevada                       10/16-10/29 
New Hampshire             No Early Voting 
New Jersey                  No Early Voting 
New Mexico                   10/16-10/30 
New York                     No Early Voting 
North Carolina                10/14-10/30 
North Dakota                 9/23-11/1 
 Ohio                             9/28-10/30 
Oklahoma                       10/29, 10/30 and 11/1 
Oregon                          Vote by Mail only- begins 10/15 
Pennsylvania                  No Early Voting 
Rhode Island                  No Early Voting 
South Carolina                  No Early Voting 
Tennessee                      10/13-10/28 
Texas                          10/18-10/29 
Utah                            10/19-10/29 
Vermont                    began 9/20 
 Virginia                       No Early Voting 
Washington                  No Early Voting 
West Virginia                10/13-10/30 
Wisconsin                    {absentee ballots available}
Wyoming                   No Early Voting
Note: Be sure to check with your county clerk for updated information. Now, Just Go Vote!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's the Autumn Equinox, with the energy of The Sword

Everyone's favorite season is about to start, dear readers - the Autumn Equinox officially happens tonight, at 9:09 pm Mountain Time.

I Dream of Mountain Meadows © Jan Burch 2010

I've pulled a few cards from the Star+Gate cards to see what psychic energies will prevail during the next several weeks. We are given:

The Sword ~ The attitude of self-expression through major action, balanced by discernment, artfulness, and timing

The Bell ~ Attracting and attuning. What are you calling into your life right now?

The Star of Laugh ~ Humor, playfulness, and vitality made visible. This is not a time to second-guess oneself; let your worries fall away and just do it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Means Courage?

Yesterday I was inspired to use some of my dramatic Albuquerque sunset photos to create business and motivational products at my Zazzle store. Starting with this striking Edge of the Storm photo, I realized that it spoke to me of Courage ~

Then I started looking through some online quotations sites for a saying to match the essence of this picture. None were quite right, although I did like this one:

Courage is fire; bullying is smoke, which is attributed to Benjamin Disraeli.

Several quotations conveyed the sense that courage amounts to walking through our difficult times. That resonated with me, so I put the words together into this beautiful words-and-picture combo that you see on the sticker shown above. I currently have several useful products - a mug, mousepad, and binder - with this illustration, and I plan on adding a full range of Edge of the Storm COURAGE products soon. It will include business cards, posters, stationery, labels, and more. I hope you'll find these products as strengthening and uplifting as I do!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beauty School ~ What a Fun Learning Experience!

Beauty School? Why not - in these tough economic times, it pays for us all to expand our earning potential. And the quest for Beauty is something that never fades! My friends who've gone to beauty schools tell me they've been enriched by the wonderful blend of ethnic groups, age ranges, personalities, and life experiences among the the students. And the careers they develop are satisfying, because after all, Truth is Beauty. To help another person, your client, reveal their inner truth and become beautiful is rewarding indeed. Beauty School ~ a good choice!


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