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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Word Doctor is IN!

Yes, I'm putting on another hat :)

Some years ago, between quitting my regular job and doing what I do now, I spent 6 years self-employed as a freelance writer, editor, resume preparer, critique giver - all things word-related. I did fairly well financially, but somehow it lost its appeal for me and I segued into the metaphysical blend and then into entrepreneurial artisanship - both of which I continue to employ now. And hopefully always will - may it continue!

Yet I never totally lost the word-smithing ability. Recently it's been calling out to me, and following a sudden brainstorm last week, I decided to open a second Etsy shop:

That was something I said I'd never do again! But I had the brainstorm on Tuesday afternoon, and I couldn't help myself: By bedtime I had drafted listings for my items, and designed the banner (above) and avatar ~

The graphics made it so real, I couldn't turn back! Don't they look great? Btw, I got the typewriter & handwriting images from *TheGraphicsFairy*, a great source for free vintage graphics. Thanks, Karen, for posting this great image blog!

So what does TheWordDoctor do? I offer writing solutions for your online store - I'll help you with writing your product listing and shop policies. Think about it - your online store is your showroom to world. What else do prospective buyers have to go on, but your pictures and your words? There's a lot said and written about taking good pictures, but not so much about the words - which I maintain are (at least) half of what gives your potential customers the confidence to actually cart and BUY your products!

Yet I haven't heard from anybody who actually likes to write item descriptions! (Well, I do :) No more worries, fellow Etsians and other online sellers - The Word Doctor is here to help you! I have three product lines to meet your needs and budget:

DIY Checklists ~ These highly affordable guides give you worksheets to organize and identify everything you'll need to know about your item BEFORE you sit down at the computer to post the listing. No more freezing up while you stare at a blank screen! There's also a checklist for your shop profile, policies, and announcements.

Critiques ~ A critique is a professional review with suggestions for improvement. We all know the critique forums in Etsy, and God bless the generous folks who help out there. But not everyone wants to expose themselves to the merciless public glare of a forum - and besides, how many commenters will just say something generically nice there, without being really helpful? My critiques are private, professional, and empowering. I offer critiques for your item listings, shop policies, and your blog, too.

Writing Service ~ Here's the ultimate help for your store: I will write your listings and shop set-up materials for you! I even have a premium package that combines both.

So, there you have it. TheWordDoctor is IN - How may I help you?


Kathleen McGiveron said...

Awesome blog!!! And your cyclecasts are extremely affordable!! Congrats and good to see that you're expanding to shop number two. WONDERFUL!


Jan 4 Insight said...

Thank you, Kathleen, and welcome to my followers :)

mywifesstudio said...

Great Idea!!

Natasha said...

Fantastic idea!! I wish you luck you will do soo well!

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

What an awesome logo Jan!!! Very cool idea, I think there are a lot of people that could use help in that area! Thanks so much for linking this one up today to "Brag Monday"


Nicole Bergman said...

Awesome idea- I will certainly keep your services in mind for future reference!

Teri said...

First of all, I love your use of the graphics in your logo! Second, I'm inspired by your business! I've been thinking lately of ways to use my writing ability to my advantage as a side-business. It's nice to see the creative venues that others have chosen in this regard. :) Best of luck to you!


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