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Friday, March 12, 2010

Notable Quote: On wasting resources

Here's what happened when, sitting on the floor with the remains of my  life spread around me, I looked into the black plastic bags: I thought about how I found it hard to spend enough time with my little girl, or my wife, or my friends, and I realized that I had been scratching out a living doing work that didn't truly motivate me, and it occurred to me that what I was paying for with my time and money is stuff that I would be throwing away in ten minutes.

My grandparents' no-waste rules seemed pointless when I was young. You shouldn't this. You shouldn't that. And for the sake of ... what? Piety? Sanctimony? But something about their intention not to waste and their emphasis on cultivating gratitude - Depression-era thoughts or not - seems connected to making time to watch the sunset and the chipmunks.

You sit down with your trash and you see your life laid before you on the floor, you see what an archaeologist would see when he studies your life a thousand years from now, and you wonder: If life begets life and death begets death, does waste beget waste? If my life begets waste, what does that say about my life? Is a waste of resources a sign of waste of life?

Colin Beavan, No Impact Man  posted 3.12.10


Plantress said...

wow this is very thought provoking. I hate what my garbage says about me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like that, very thought provoking! Funny thing is I've actually had that thought once in awhile as I was throwing things away. Perhaps I was just feeling guilty for going through the drive up, lol?!

Ren said...

Brilliant, insightful post.


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