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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Jester: March 2010 Energy

We have begun the merry month of March, dear readers, and the prevailing energy this time around is The Jester ~ 
The Jester is one who expresses him or herself with humor, is candid and truthful, and can even be a little embarrassing at times. It all goes with speaking truth to power - so if you've ever wanted to stand up and say your piece, this is the month to do it. Just be sure to lighten your message a few laughs, and accept the pratfalls that come with the territory. Stand up, shake it off, and move on. The Jester's nearest neighbors on the Star+Gate
pattern are:

The Water ~ a condition of being fluid, open, cleansing, and (if you're not careful) swept away.
The Circle ~ the gift of being able to participate in groups and create unity.
The Robe ~ The challenge of how we integrate the different roles we play out in our lives; developing our specializations, and creating individuality.
The Duck ~ being able to waddle through life with humor, naturalness, and going with the grain.
The Chair ~ the gift of positioning ourselves; ability to organize and evaluate.

A major theme for this month is self-expression: refining what we express, and our need to both show creativity and receive validation and praise. As we claim our own inherent authority and power, we naturally evolve into the expression of service in Spirit to others. This is a good time to access healing qualities, and develop a refined sense of perception, so we won't be easily fooled. These energies peak in the last week of March, culminating (appropriately for the Jester) on April Fool's day!

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