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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BEST of the week: clevercrafter

As a proud member of the new Boosting Etsy Shops Team, it's my pleasure to introduce a new team member to you every week. Without further ado, let me present this week's featured Booster: She goes by the name of clevercrafter, and she hails from Lansing, Michigan. What a small world - way, way back in the day, I spent my first two years of college at Michigan State!

Clevercrafter describes herself as "over-excited" with crafting habits that tend to get out of control - now there's a woman I can related to! She's turned her admitted crafting addiction into a nice little business, offering her products at very reasonable prices through her clevercrafter etsy shop. Here's just a sample of the creative goodies that await you:

Button bracelets (I just love these!)

Beaded Jewelry (very nicely done!)

Guitar pick earrings (too cool!)

Clevercrafter also keep a blog of her doings, so you can follow her at Clever's Corner. She reveals that she's a Pisces, and in fact, she just had a birthday. And I also see that she's a fan of LOLcats (I am, too;), so I'll close with an LOLcat wish, and hope that your birthday was:

And now I'd like you, my dear readers, to add your links to the McLinkey posted below. Just click & follow the simple instructions. It won't bite, I promise! Any fellow BEST members reading this, why don't you post your team-feature link and start the title with BEST so we can find each other :)


CyndeJo said...

The button bracelet is fantastic I love it! Thanks for adding the links also! Have a geat day.

Jenni said...

Thanks for the promo!!!

elycia said...

nice post! i featured clever crafter last week and i love those button bracelets!

Karen said...

That button bracelet is so pretty! Love it!! Very cool blog!

Have a great day!!

Babamoon said...

the guitar plectrum earrings are fab! im going to check those ones out in clevercrafters shop!

missprettyperfect said...

Nice to be able to take everyday, ordinary items and turn them into art! I actually started with scraps. This is why I love being creative. Enjoyed the read Jan!


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