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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Notable Quote: Precautions and rewards for travelers to unconscious realms ~

Inanna leaves behind her loyal vizier and executor, Ninshubur; she gives her precise instructions on what to do if she isn't back in three days and three nights. Psychologically speaking, Inanna takes the precaution of leaving a sturdy, conscious aspect of herself behind to monitor her descent into the unconscious. When you descend into the unconscious, you may become unconscious. You need to leave a control figure behind to haul you back if you lose yourself.

... Inanna seeks enlightenment and expansion through her descent. She, too, is ambitious ... but has left behind a worthy safeguard in Ninshubur. Thus, stripped of her identity in the underworld, Inanna submits, lets go of her ego, dies to herself, becomes completely receptive (humble, like humus or dirt) to whatever must take place between the above and below so that life may remain fruitful.

And because of Inanna's descent and the resultant rescue mission of Enki, the god of wisdom and flow, her dark sister Erishkigal is also transformed and revalued. ... Erishkegal is no longer "kept down" and Inanna is no longer "high and mighty." A passageway has been opened between the two realms and its queens. Thanks to Inanna's courage and caution, an exchange of energies has taken place.

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